What Causes Employee Turnover?

by Dave Nerz

That is a loaded question. And with the impact of COVID, WFH and industry ups-and-downs, employee turnover is even more complex.

Not Always About Money

Here is what I have learned over the years. Employees leave their employers when the job becomes a burden. That is sometimes due to the lack of compensation, but more typically employee turnover is driven by relationships with fellow employees or a manager. Lack of a trusting manager is high on that list. People do not enjoy being micromanaged and a steady diet of micromanagement is a huge incentive to start looking for something new. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Pivotal Ways Direct Sourcing Will Greatly Disrupt the Staffing Industry

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Cesar A. Jimenez, CEO of myBasePay. Cesar is an entrepreneur, investor, and military veteran with over 25 years of staffing industry expertise successfully leading technology staffing organizations. His expertise in the IT industry allows him to use his experience as a thought leader for talent acquisition, staffing, IT, and recruitment technologies with a passion for contingent workforce solutions. Cesar has held various leadership roles for both a global staffing organization and technology solutions companies. This expertise has enabled him to develop alternative workforce models that provide the agility for organizations to be competitive in today’s marketplace. In this article, he mentions 3 pivotal ways how direct sourcing is disrupting the industry and how to best prepare for it. 

Direct sourcing has become an increasingly important topic within the staffing world, in large measure, thanks to its ability to disrupt the industry as we know it. Read the rest of this entry »

Take a Shot With Split Placements

by Liz Carey

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

I’m a hockey nut, so I love this quote, and I was reminded of it on a recent NPAworldwide Practice Group call, when a member pointed out that the recruiters should look at ways to maximize opportunities with their current clients and focus on all their customer’s needs. For example, a healthcare recruiter may primarily make nursing placements with a major hospital client, but it doesn’t hurt to ask that client if they have placement needs in IT, administrative or clerical. While you may not specialize in these areas, you can partner up with another firm who does – and you may just become a one-stop-shop for your client, ultimately leading to more job orders in the end.

What do you do if your client comes to you with a job order that you don’t have the bandwidth to help fill? How can you keep your client happy without adding to your costs by hiring another recruiter or opening a branch in another location? Read the rest of this entry »

7 Employee Development Myths To Stop Believing

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Justin Lowe. Justin is the director of global marketing and business development at McQuaig, a global leader in talent management solutions. McQuaig assessments are designed to provide a deeper insight into a candidate’s personality, cognitive, and behavioral attributes. With over 50 years of experience, McQuaig assessments provide a comprehensive view of a candidate and their potential to succeed in a organization while shedding light on the most important areas of employee development. Read the post below for a good discussion on common myths about employee development.

When it comes to learning and development, everyone has an opinion about what the best method to use is. How can you help your employees learn as effectively as possible as fast as possible? What learning tactic is better than another? Read the rest of this entry »

Are Your Job Postings Attracting the Right Candidates?

by Veronica Blatt

Job postings are intended to inform potential applicants of an opening and induce them to apply for it. Unfortunately, many of these fall short resulting in too few qualified applicants. There is definitely both an “art” and a “science” component to crafting compelling job postings. Here are a few tips to get you on the right path. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Interview Questions That Can Drive Conversations

by Dave Nerz

I have been subscribing to The HR Specialist and it has solid content every month. A recent issue captured the results of posts put in their forum. Here are some of the interview questions mentioned by those posting in the forum:

Of course there are all the standard interview questions we have heard, like:

  • “Tell me about yourself.”
  • “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”
  • “What is your favorite color and why?”

Read the rest of this entry »

In Times of Unrest, Don’t Rest

by Liz Carey

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, it is easy to go into panic mode – from international conflicts and rising gas prices, to a lingering pandemic and supply chain issues. But seasoned recruiters who have weathered economic storms before know that it’s not time to panic, it’s time to partner and pivot.

If you are part of a recruitment network, now is the time to invest time and energy into building and further developing relationships with trading partners. You’re in this together. Your partners are a great resource – not only split-wise by providing you with candidates you may need, or job opportunities to work on, but also just as a collaborative business partner that you can brainstorm with. Read the rest of this entry »

Recruiting in a Global Community

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Laura LaBine from LaBine and Associates in the San Francisco Bay Area (USA). Laura is a member of the NPAworldwide Board of Directors, with responsibility for the network’s practice groups. LaBine and Associates is a boutique recruitment firm specializing in placing highly skilled individuals with clients in the cybersecurity, clean energy, high tech, fin-tech and other industries. Read her thoughts about the global community and collaboration among recruiters.

What an exciting time to be part of a global community of recruiters!

As we are busier than ever helping our clients identify talent, companies all over the world are hiring for positions that didn’t even exist before this pandemic. Read the rest of this entry »

Financing Solutions for Staffing Agencies Just Getting Started

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Daniel Crick. Daniel manages all client engagement for Headcount Management. Besides being an NPA vendor and speaker, Headcount currently services multiple NPA clients. Headcount is a leader in back-office solutions designed specifically for staffing agencies.

Headcount services include Employer of Record (EOR), Agent of Record (AOR), IC compliance, payroll funding/processing, workforce deployment, global expansion, administrative outsourcing, workers’ compensation, GL insurance, HR support, risk management, and more. Payroll Plus, their newest initiative, is the industry’s easiest way for agencies to produce weekly payroll, invoices, and profit reporting. Since 2008, Headcount has helped staffing firms across all 50 states mitigate liability, reduce costs, and maintain full hiring compliance.

It’s not always enough for recruiting firms to work with the most qualified applicants and sought-after clients. Staffing agencies also need to consider seamless delivery of their services and the customer’s perception of that delivery, which in turn means more business. Unfortunately, before your clients pay an invoice, your firm will incur almost all of the costs associated with paying employees (their payroll, taxes, insurance), possibly causing a strain on finances. Having the right financing structure in place will relieve those pressures and allow you to service even more clients and pay more candidates. Read the rest of this entry »

Hot Jobs of 2022

by Veronica Blatt

I know, I know. Virtually every job is hot these days and I don’t know too many recruiters who aren’t scrambling to find talent. That said, some niches and roles are more in demand than others. Here is a list of hot jobs for 2022 compiled by LinkedIn. Not surprisingly, a good number of these jobs have been elevated due to the global health pandemic. Read the rest of this entry »