Governance of NPAworldwide’s Recruiting Professionals Network

NPAworldwide is a recruiting professionals network that is governed by formal bylaws, policies, and rules of conduct. This democratic structure both serves and protects members, creating a more efficient and effective trading network.

Bylaws. The formal structure and governance is dictated by comprehensive bylaws. Changes to the bylaws must be voted on by the membership. There is a standing committee with oversight responsibility for the bylaws and operations manual to assure these documents address members’ needs in a rapidly-changing business environment. The bylaws have been amended every year since 1981 (with one exception), a testament to the dynamic nature of this important document.

Operations Manual. The operations manual provides detailed information regarding the policies and procedures governing NPAworldwide participation — from membership enrollment and financial obligations to the rules for participating in our recruiting professionals network. The board of directors has direct responsibility for reviewing and maintaining the operations manual, which is updated regularly. These policies ensure that all members abide by a common set of rules and professional standards.

Dispute Resolution. In the rare instance when a dispute arises among two members, a clear path to dispute resolution occurs. First, the owners of the two involved parties try to work out an amicable resolution. If this cannot be achieved, the board representatives for each party intervene, sometimes with guidance from NPAworldwide’s business practices chair. If resolution is still not attained, the dispute can be sent to the full board of directors for an arbitration hearing, which includes an appeals process if needed. Very few disputes reach the point of arbitration as most are handled promptly and professionally by the involved owners.

Indemnification. NPAworldwide provides members protection against nonpayment of fees from other members. If a member ever fails to pay their trading partner’s fee, and all reasonable efforts to collect the fee have been exhausted, NPAworldwide will pay the injured party and pursue collection from the offending member. This indemnification policy reduces the risk of trading within our recruiting professionals network.

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