Picking up the Telephone: Is it a Lost Recruitment Best Practice??

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Jim Lyons, JD, CPC of LHI Executive Search in the New York City area. LHI is an investigative executive search & research outsourcing firm covering the information technology, capital markets, private equity/venture capital, digital & social media, mobile, cloud, big data, and legal business sectors. Jim has been an NPAworldwide member since 2012 and is currently serving as the chairman of the Board of Directors. Below he discusses using the phone as a recruitment best practice.

In today’s talent short marketplace, there is an abundance of social media and AI recruitment tools that make it easy to identify top candidates. The problem is; it is easy for everyone to identify the same top talent. Read the rest of this entry »

Split Placements Offer Economical Business Expansion

by Veronica Blatt

If you are looking for a way to grow your recruitment business without a lot of additional overhead, have you considered split placements? Splits offer a way for you to add revenue to your business without the work and expense of adding headcount. Whether your own business is booming or you’re looking for a boost, splits can be the vehicle to take your desk or your business to the next level.

Here are some of the many ways that splits offer economical business expansion:

  • You’re not taking on the burden of extra payroll or benefits
  • No equipment costs (desk, laptop, chair, extra monitor, phone, etc.) … and if you’re still working in an actual office, you won’t need additional square footage either
  • No sunk training costs (which also takes away from your own productivity)
  • No additional software seats or licenses to purchase
  • You won’t have the opportunity costs that come with waiting for your new person to “get up to speed”
  • If you’re still actively working a desk, you can spend your time recruiting (generating revenue) instead of managing people
  • Only pay when you use it … how much additional revenue do you want to earn? How many additional placements? Typically, split placements are shared on a 50/50 basis. It can be more profitable to pay a split partner a few times a year than it can to add monthly overhead that gets paid even if the recruiter doesn’t generate much revenue.
  • Split partners come with market/industry knowledge and expertise, plus their own network of clients and candidates. This means you can save the time it might take to develop a new desk or specialty, and make placements more quickly, which means more money, faster.
  • Split placements create an additional revenue stream that can help you even out the peaks and valleys in your business. If your niche is drying up, a split partner in a related niche can help you keep your revenue steady. Conversely, if you have excess capacity, you can rely on a split partner to help fill open roles instead of turning away business. As the old saying goes, “Make hay while the sun is shining!”

Hiring new employees can be an expensive proposition. In a sales environment like recruiting, you need someone who can quickly start contributing to the bottom line. Adding split placements can allow you to generate more revenue faster and more profitably than you might be able to do through hiring extra recruiters.

Keeping The Hiring Process Fair For All Candidates

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Justin Lowe. Justin is the director of global marketing and business development at McQuaig, a global leader in talent management solutions. McQuaig assessments are designed to provide a deeper insight into a candidate’s personality, cognitive, and behavioral attributes. With over 50 years of experience, McQuaig assessments provide a comprehensive view of a candidate and their potential to succeed in a organization while shedding light on the most important areas of employee development. Read the post below for some ideas on how to increase fairness in your hiring process.

Who you choose to bring into your company will shape the way your organization develops. Employees are, after all, the heart of any company so it stands to reason that hiring new ones can be an involved and important process. But not all hiring strategies are created equal and how you structure your approach to talent acquisition might be costing you strong candidates along the way. If your process isn’t fair to all, candidates might slip through the cracks before they even reach you. Next time you need a few new employees, take a moment before you go off to hire and think about the unintentional barriers that may be built into your process. Prioritizing fairness for all job applicants doesn’t just improve your candidate experience, but it can also help you truly find the right person for the right role. Read the rest of this entry »

Candidate Expectations May Not Align with Employers

by Dave Nerz

Covid is beginning to recede and the market for talent is super-heated. You have survived the downturn caused by the pandemic. You have adjusted to the challenges presented by work from home (WFH), work anywhere, and hybrid work options for candidates. You have endured, and even organized, Zoom interviews for candidates, virtual onboarding, no shows, ghosting, falloffs and turndowns. What is next?

Recruiters, according to research by iCIMS, there are more challenges in your future. The iCIMS survey shows that new graduates, soon to be your candidates, are likely to be a bit idealistic about career aspirations, work locations and many other conditions surrounding their employment. Here are some of the big candidate expectations: Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Common Staffing Agency Payroll Issues & How to Avoid Them

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Mark Arrow. Mark is the CEO/President of Headcount Management. Besides being an NPAworldwide vendor, speaker and staffing industry advocate, Headcount currently services multiple NPA clients. Headcount is a leader in back-office solutions designed specifically for staffing agencies.

Headcount makes doing staffing deals (also known as: contract, temp, contingent) simple for NPAworldwide members. Essentially, once candidates are placed, Headcount will professionally onboard, insure and payroll employees. Headcount also invoices clients (with your agency’s branding), accounts for all monies, provides detailed KPI’s and profit reports…and of course, profits. The Back Office, their newest initiative, is the industry’s easiest way for agencies to produce weekly payroll, invoices, and profit reporting via agency insurance and funding.

Since 2008, Headcount has helped staffing firms across all 50 states mitigate liability, reduce costs, and maintain full hiring compliance. Here are some testimonials.

The IRS reports that as many as 33% of businesses make payroll mistakes each year. When it comes to staffing agency payroll, the importance of properly paying employee wages on time and without error is paramount to guaranteeing employee satisfaction. Read the rest of this entry »

Recruitment Headlines and Blogs

by Veronica Blatt

It’s time to share a round-up of some of my favorite recent recruitment headlines and blogs! As always, there is plenty going on in hiring, HR, sourcing and recruiting. Have you seen any of these? Read the rest of this entry »

Counteroffers: Losing Candidates During the Final Stage of Hiring

by Veronica Blatt

In the last year we have seen ever increasing competition for executive talent. What was once the finish line has now been moved. The “offer” and “acceptance” were once the focus of recruiters’ and search professionals’ attention. The acceptance now just marks the point where danger of candidate loss begins. The period between offer and start date represents a new challenge for future employer and search team as counteroffers are frequently made. Read the rest of this entry »

Expand Your Recruiting Reach Internationally

by Liz Carey

Many small or solo recruiting firms tend to work the specific geographic area they are located in, and don’t think they have the resources or manpower to do international recruitment. But if you are part of an international recruitment network like NPAworldwide, you have partners all over the world that can help you find top talent, screen the candidates, and manage the interview and hiring process for your clients’ international locations.

Here is a Cross-Border Recruitment success story that happened between two NPAworldwide members:

Read the rest of this entry »

What I Appreciate About NPAworldwide

by Veronica Blatt

Our guest blogger is Jason Elias of Elias Recruitment in Sydney, Australia. Elias Recruitment is a specialist legal recruitment business, finding lawyers for law firms, not-for-profits and corporates across Australia. Jason is the Immediate Past Chairman of the NPAworldwide Board of Directors and received our Chairman’s Award in 2014. Jason is also a Fellow of the peak recruitment industry body in Australasia  the RCSA (Recruitment & Consulting Services Association). Today he recaps our recent event in Barcelona, Spain and shares his appreciation for NPAworldwide.

For many of us around the world, we grew up watching American TV and movies and learning about US culture and traditions.

One of the things that always fascinated me was Thanksgiving – a holiday only observed in the US and Canada. The Pilgrims never sailed to Sydney or Singapore or Sweden. Read the rest of this entry »

Q3 Hiring Intentions Improve Globally

by Veronica Blatt

Manpower Group’s third quarter Employment Outlook Survey shows hiring intentions improving globally by 18% over last year, and up 4% from the previous quarter. This is despite the highest talent shortage in 16 years. In fact, a full three-quarters of employers are reporting difficulty filling key roles – this is up 6% compared to last year. Large companies are feeling this pinch more acutely than smaller employers. Shifting demographics, including falling birth rates, early retirements (especially among the large Baby Boomer segment) are exacerbating the tight labor conditions. Read the rest of this entry »