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4 Ways to Stay Ahead Of Competition in the Recruiting Game

by Liz Carey

It’s hockey playoff time, and it got me thinking about how hockey can draw comparisons to the recruiting world.

In a huge upset, the record-setting Tampa Bay Lightning (who were the best team all season) were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs in the first round. How did they fail to win a single playoff game and get swept by the eighth-seeded Columbus Blue Jackets?

Easy, they were too good. When you are used to dominating, you can end up taking it for granted, and it becomes almost expected. That’s when you let your guard down and become vulnerable.

Similarly in recruiting, it’s not always the best man that wins. You might have a longstanding relationship with a client, but suddenly get undercut by a competitor and lose that business.

Just because something has been working for you for a long time, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t constantly be trying to grow, progress and learn. If you put yourself on cruise control, you’re going to get edged out by someone battling for your business.

Here’s 4 ways to stay ahead of the competition in the recruiting game:

1. Constantly grow your network:

  • Identify one new resource for finding candidates. Ask your candidates where they go when they are seeking a new opportunity. Get recommendations on trade publications and blogs they read and join in the discussion. Join professional associations in your candidates’ niche. Ramp up networking efforts on social media sites like LinkedIn. Implement a candidate referral program. Attracting candidates that your clients can’t find on their own through job board ads or website postings will ensure that you’re a resource that they can’t eliminate.

2. Be aware of competition:

  • Whether it’s other recruiters or your client’s internal recruiters, know who your competitors are and what they are up to. Check their websites, social media and job postings. Knowing what they offer will help you understand your offerings and where you can differentiate yourself. For example, you could offer your candidates resume writing, coaching, or interview prep.

3. Promote your brand and be visible:

  • Even if you are a longstanding firm, it’s important to stay on top of marketing. Stay active on social media and within industry-related groups. Engage in discussions in groups and forums related to your industry. Attend job fairs, networking events, and industry conferences. Hand out your business card.

4. Stay up-to-date on trends:

  • Clients and candidates may find benefit in new advances in technology, whether it’s mobile apps, live and editable documents with real-time updates on job postings and candidates, or video interviewing. Operating more efficiently and flexibly with automated and mobile solutions will make your firm stand out to clients and candidates.

How do you stay competitive in the cut-throat world of recruiting?

Recruiter Relationships Are Still Critical

by Veronica Blatt

Our guest blogger is Pam Robison of J. Gifford Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. J. Gifford Inc. is a small, quality conscious firm providing highly individualized recruiting services to clients on a local, regional, national and international basis. The firm’s recruiting activities are focused on professional, technical and managerial placement, as well as contractor and international staffing for clients. Pam is the Director of the US Midwest Region for the NPAworldwide Board of Directors. Today, Pam discusses the importance of strong recruiter relationships.

I’ve been a professional recruiter for about 15 years now. My how the landscape has changed over the years! Technology is king. Today’s recruiting is currently being defined by the strongest candidate driven market I’ve ever seen. Here in the USA there is an extreme shortage of talent. Read the rest of this entry »

Email Marketing for Recruitment

by Veronica Blatt

There are plenty of articles floating around the interwebs proclaiming that email is dead. I disagree. Email is still a powerful tool and effective when marketing for recruitment. It’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices. Here are a few pointers if you haven’t reviewed your process recently. Read the rest of this entry »

Leveraging Recruiting Network Partnerships

by Liz Carey

One of NPAworldwide’s most successful members recently hosted a topical call on leveraging recruiting networks.

Despite only being a member of NPAworldwide for less than 3 years, he has done 26 splits with 22 different affiliates in 4 countries over 3 continents. He’s helped affiliates earn a total of $361,772.  This year, NPAworldwide has accounted for 100% of his business. So what makes some recruiters more successful within a recruiting network than others?

Here are a few of his ‘best principles’ that keep him inspired and drive his success: Read the rest of this entry »

Use Your Phone More – It’s a Great Recruitment Tool!

by Veronica Blatt

image of business telephoneWe had some terrific speakers at our recent Global Conference in Long Beach, California. Scott Wintrip, Mark Tortorici, and Jenifer Lambert all delivered top-notch tips and advice and were well-received by our members. I walked away with several “a-ha” moments from each speaker, but something Jenifer said really spoke to me. Jenifer is the chief revenue officer for TERRA Staffing Group, a large organization in the US Pacific Northwest. I value her perspective as a speaker because she is running a successful recruitment/staffing firm every day, including hiring, training and managing staff. Jenifer stressed the importance of using the right recruitment tool at the right point in the process, particular as it relates to communication. Her advice about which medium to use, and when: Read the rest of this entry »

More Job Boards? A Recruiter’s Success

by Sarah Freiburger

With so many third-party job boards out there, many of which are free to post on, why would a recruiter decide to join a recruitment network and post their job orders on that organization’s job board instead?


The answer is easy: results.


If you’re a niche recruiter, oftentimes you don’t get the right caliber of candidate on generic job boards. If you join a specialized recruiting network or a split network that has other recruiters who work in your specialty, chances are you will have an easier time finding that “needle in the haystack” candidate, as opposed to a generic job board that caters to everyone from cashiers to forklift operators.


While most active candidates begin their search on job boards, recruiters have the advantage on finding passive candidates – those who are still employed and are not actively looking, and therefore, don’t have their resume posted on job boards. They may know a top candidate with the skills your client is looking for, and they often can post these candidates’ info within the network because it is confidential, whereas the candidate would not publicly post their information on a job board.

In addition, working with other recruiters’ candidates can help save you time and effort. Recruiters keep in close personal contact with their network of candidates, so if a candidate is referred to you by another recruiter, they’ve likely spoken to them to confirm they are still actively looking, their salary range, their relocation preferences, etc. Whereas if a candidate posted their resume to a job board several months ago, they might have already found a job and not taken down their information, and you would waste your time reaching out and trying to get in touch with them.


Rather than posting a job order to a generic job board and taking the “wait and see” approach to see if they get talent or bottom-of-the-barrel candidates, recruiters in a recruitment network post to the network’s internal and/or external job boards to get quick and effective results. Take, for example, this story from a relatively new member to NPAworldwide:


“One of our long standing clients, an Australian based manufacturer of specialty chemicals, asked us to find a Business Manager for their rapidly growing American market.  This role has responsibility for the d

evelopment and management of business growth in the US, South American, Canadian and UK markets.  The brief was to find someone with a strong business development orientation and entrepreneurial flair, who could develop and grow with the company.”


She placed advertisements on the LinkedIn job board and Monster, as well as listing it on NPAworldwide’s internal and external job boards. This was the first time her firm had used the NPA job board, and she said they were interested to see what the results would be.


“We were very pleased with the results from the NPAworldwide job board, which was very good in both number and quality, giving us a consistent stream of good candidates.  The response from Monster, while reasonably good in number, was short lived and disappointing in quality.  Response from LinkedIn was very poor in both number and quality.”


In addition, some USA-based NPAworldwide partners referred several very good quality candidates to her, she said. The short list she presented to the client consisted entirely of NPA-sourced candidates, except for one.  Ultimately, the successful candidate was from the NPA job board, with a candidate referred to the firm by another NPA partner coming a close second. 


“Also, because of the high level of NPA job board response, we had the added security of knowing that we had gained a good understanding of that specific candidate market.”


The results from the split placement network’s job board were higher in number and much more relevant than those of the other job boards. While third party job boards can assure you of applications – you don’t want to spend all your time deleting a bunch of irrelevant resumes. Time is money, and sometimes it is worth it to pay for quality over quantity.

Marketing Strategies for Recruiting Firms

by Sarah Freiburger

Today’s guest blogger is Colin Smith from Loxo. 

Recruiting firms offer a vital service and are constantly in demand, but with so many recruitment companies out there, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. A good practice to have for your firm is a well thought out marketing strategy for client acquisition. Whether you’re running marketing ops yourself, or have a team, it’s good to have an idea of the work involved in building a great marketing strategy for your firm. Marketing agencies can be used to achieve a number of goals such as getting more traffic on your website or getting an article published in a nationwide outlet, but there are plenty of marketing ideas for recruitment firms that you can implement on your own that we cover in this post.

Incremental Client Acquisition

Everyone wants to hire agencies that have worked with big names in your industry of focus, and getting some big names on your client roster can be a huge boost to your agency’s stature. The tricky part, is getting your foot in the door.

To land a contract with a serious player in the industry or industries you serve, you need to follow an incremental client acquisition plan, wherein you leverage client relationships to elevate your stature to a level where best in class companies feel comfortable contracting you.

It can take a while to achieve this goal, so create a long-term plan for landing a big fish and you’ll be on your way, step by step, to reeling them in.

  1. List the most prestigious companies in the industry you serve and the major partners, vendors, contractors and service providers they do business with.
  2. Then, make a list of the runners up (fairly prestigious companies but not top tier) and their major partners, vendors, contractors and service providers.
  3. Finally, make a list of the most prestigious companies companies remaining in the industry you serve and their major partners, vendors, contractors and service providers.

Now that you’ve identified the big fish you want to land, start working your way towards them by leveraging the work you’ve already done in your industry. Even if you’re starting from below the runners up category, there’s no reason that you can’t make your way to the top!

Here are some strategies for marketing staffing companies to increase the prestige of the clients you serve:

  • Explore LinkedIn and other social networks to see if:
    • Your company has worked for companies that provides services to or does business with a target top tier or runner-up company.
    • You, a partners or an employees has a connection to a decision maker within a top tier or runner up company.
  • Leverage past work with clients in the industry you serve in the form of customer satisfaction surveys, case studies and company/recruiter satisfaction ratings, all of which can be used in your pitch to more prestigious companies.
  • Focus on securing the business of companies that are just above the level you are used to working with, not the top companies you want to reach eventually.
  • Prioritize contracts with companies of a similar size/focus as your target companies, to build up a portfolio you can present to target top-tier companies.
  • Work your way up slowly, focus on your ultimate goal and build your stature organically as you take on more prestigious companies and complete more challenging recruitment projects.

Creating Content for your Target Audience

Creating content is a great way to provide value to potential, new and existing clients alike.

Here are some examples of content your recruitment agency can create to make your clients happy and impress potential clients.


The baseline content you create should be resources targeting the industry you serve.

For example, if you primarily hire for companies in the healthcare industry, you could create a white paper like “How to Create Job Descriptions for Nurses” or “How to Assess and Interview Visiting Physicians.”

Even if you don’t have a huge following online, creating resources can be quite helpful to your clients and can be shared through word of mouth if it saves time for them or otherwise provides them with some value.

Sponsored Content

Sponsoring a study, an info-graphic or another valuable asset can be a great way to increase stature in your industry. If you can provide statistics or a study that make it into a major publication or becomes the month’s top shared piece of content, then your agency can be front of mind for the exact companies you want to be in touch with.

For example, if a tech recruitment company was able to publish a study on the growing number of business models that rely on data scientists, companies relying on analytics are likely to see this article and contact them in hopes of connecting with data science talent.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great (and free) marketing tool you can use for marketing staffing firms and

increasing awareness of your agency in the industries you serve.

Through posting, following and engaging, you can build your brand on social media and make your profiles a powerful attractive force for new clients considering your agency.

Brand Building

Social media platforms are a great place to build your brand as a skilled recruitment firm. The following are all great brand building activities that you can conduct on various social platforms.

  • Posting pictures of recruiters hard at work in your office, having fun during team building activities/outings, attending industry meetups, etc.
  • Posting video interviews with your recruiters discussing their favorite part of serving clients in your industry or videos of your recruiters talking with executives about the finer points of hiring in their industry.
  • Sharing relevant content that is on-message with your firm’s focus, and adding your company’s voice to the conversation with the caption or introduction of your post.

Audience Engagement

Unlike other advertising channels, social media gives your audience a platform to interact with your brand and the content you post, so don’t miss your chance to engage with your audience.

  • Replying to comments, mentions, etc. as quickly as possible (social media time is measured in seconds and minutes, not hours and days).
  • Tagging clients and candidates in relevant posts or in pictures taken at industry meetups.
  • Sharing content that’s put out by your clients and give them a shout out.

Content Distribution

Your social media profiles are excellent platforms for marketing for recruitment companies through the content you distribute, allowing you to engage, inform, assist and even entertain potential clients.

  • Posting thought leadership posts on LinkedIn.
  • Sharing newly released industry studies on Facebook.
  • Sharing a video interview with a popular executive or thought leader in your industry on Instagram.
  • Linking to content your agency has co-authored while Live Tweeting a conference where your co-author is speaking.

By marketing your recruitment company using these strategies, you can increase awareness of your agency to start getting more and better clients.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Property?

by Veronica Blatt

digital propertyToday’s guest blogger is Adam Appleton, copywriter and content creator for Recruiters Websites. Adam and the rest of the team at Recruiters Websites help recruiting firms and staffing agencies create dynamic digital ecosystems, offering everything from website design to organic marketing.

When discussing the value of property, it usually doesn’t take long before someone brings up the quote often attributed to Mark Twain: “Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.” I’m a big fan of Mr. Clemens, and, in a lot of ways, this quote holds true. However, this quote was born from a time long before the internet. The World Wide Web was invented in 1989, and from that point forward, new property has been constructed daily. Now, almost three decades later, most people are not recognizing their own websites for what they really are: digital property and cyber real estate. For a quick reference to the value of this property, consider the fact that in 2010 the domain name sold for just under $50 million. If you don’t think your digital property has value, think again. Read the rest of this entry »

What Recruiters Need to Know About Inbound Marketing

by Veronica Blatt

image of cell phone with inbound marketing conceptsTraditional marketing methods – print ads, billboards, flyers, brochures, TV or radio spots – were wildly successful for many years. It’s no surprise that as there have been disruptions to print and electronic media, those methods are not as effective as they used to be. Inbound marketing is a new methodology that can be highly effective, although it is much different from traditional marketing efforts. What is inbound marketing? It’s a strategy that helps draw customers to you through a variety of attraction and nurturing tactics including content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and more. Read the rest of this entry »

There’s No “Me” In Recruiting

by Liz Carey

Recently, we had a staff meeting centered around establishing our goals and values as a team — while each staff members has their own set role and responsibilities, the purpose of this meeting was to discuss how we all view the “bigger picture” of our purpose and view for the organization. It got me thinking about how it applies to a recruiting firm. Within a recruitment firm, recruiters work as part of a larger team, but because this industry is so cut-throat and quote driven, it could be perceived as every person for themselves. And a little bit of healthy competition is great, but it’s important that your team is focused on working towards a common goal.

Your recruiting team are the people who are going to help you succeed in finding talent and keeping your firm’s clients happy, so it’s important to make sure you are all on the same page. It could be useful to hold a team meeting to discuss your recruitment firm’s goals, values, purpose, and expectations. As an owner/manager, here are a few things to consider:

  1. It’s not all about metrics. Of course your recruiters should be held to a certain standard, and you can expect them to make a certain number of calls made per week, send-outs, placements, etc., but owners/managers should empower team members to learn as much as possible – spending time networking, learning, sharing best practices with each other, and improving internal processes. Because there’s so much pressure to fill roles, this will likely take time and support from leadership to encourage recruiters to shift their gears to learning and growing.
  2. Involve your team in decisions. Experience is one of the most valuable assets that recruiters bring to their firms. Leverage these diverse perspectives and insight to get them involved in the decision-making process and ultimately, build stronger recruiting operations. If a recruiter has background/experience in an area that you currently don’t recruit in, let them try to build up that sector as a new area of business for your firm.
  3. Set expectations. If you’re part of a recruiting network / organization, make sure your recruiters are using these resources to get the most ROI. Set up a training with the network staff to ensure all your recruiters know how to use the site/database and how to get the most out of your membership. Make it a requirement for your staff to post any new reqs to the site to get help from your network affiliates. Set a goal for your recruiters that if they hit a certain number of placements, they can attend an in-person recruitment network meeting/conference. One placement made through your membership pays for itself!

How do you keep your recruiting team motivated? If you’re part of a recruiting network, what is your process for getting your recruiters involved?