5 Reasons to Offer Your Small Business Health Insurance Benefits

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is MyHealthily. NPAworldwide has partnered with MyHealthily to offer access to complete health insurance options. MyHealthily works with 130+ carriers across the United States to ensure the most plan options possible.

One of the biggest dilemmas facing small business owners today is whether to offer health insurance as an employee benefit. Each year, small businesses are faced with the task of weighing the pros and cons of offering group health insurance to their employees and themselves. “I guess because of the pandemic I have to offer insurance.” “Will this help my business?” “Can I afford to offer these benefits?” “How will this affect my bottom line?” “I don’t know anything about insurance, how would I answer my employees’ questions?” Read the rest of this entry »

The Role of Employee Benefits in Recruitment

by Dave Nerz

employee benefits word cloudAs the competition for talent heats up, so does the race for superior compensation and benefits. While compensation is critical, many sophisticated candidates realize the value of a strong benefits package. Salary and compensation will be negotiated by savvy candidates but sometime the thought is that benefits “are what they are” and cannot be altered. A poor presentation by a hiring manager of your benefits package could cost your business the talented player it seeks. Read the rest of this entry »