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Understanding Key Recruitment Trends: Insights for 2024

by Dave Nerz

Recruitment trends play a pivotal role in shaping hiring strategies and understanding the dynamics of the job market. Here are some key recruitment trends to keep a close eye on:

Sectoral Job Growth Dynamics:

In 2023, an astonishing 79% of non-farm job growth was concentrated within a select few sectors: government, education, and health services. This data, extracted from the Glassdoor December Jobs Report, sheds light on the discrepancy between sectors experiencing growth and those facing challenges, such as manufacturing or finance. Understanding this disparity is crucial for recruiters navigating the landscape of job availability and demand. Read the rest of this entry »

Global Net Employment Outlook 26% for Q1

by Veronica Blatt

green and blue watercolor-style world mapDespite global economic uncertainty and continued recession woes, the latest Employment Outlook Survey from Manpower Group indicates that 42 percent of employers anticipate increased hiring this quarter. With 16 percent of employers anticipate shrinking payroll, that leads to a net employment outlook of +26 percent. This is a decrease of four percent from Q4, but a YOY increase of three percent. Thirty-nine percent of employers don’t anticipate any changes to current staffing levels. Read the rest of this entry »

Employers Aren’t Changing Relocation Packages Despite the Market

by Veronica Blatt

Our guest blogger is Roman Duty of Recruiting Services International / RSI in Rushville, Indiana. RSI is a boutique executive search firm that celebrated 50 consecutive years of business in 2020. The firm provides highly individualized recruiting services to clients on a local, regional, and international basis. RSI’s recruiting activities are focused on high-level technical search and managerial placement in many manufacturing arenas. Read his post below about relocation packages.

As I finish my four-year tenure as a Board Director with NPAworldwide, I asked network members to comment on the current state of their clients’ commitment to relocating talent for their open positions. More specifically, I was most interested in learning if their clients had recently or EVER amended relocation packages. As recruiters, we know the recruiting market can change dramatically but I was amazed to discover that of the 25-30 recruiting firm owners who responded, not a single one disclosed a client having changed their relocation policy in at least five years. Isn’t this bad for business?

For middle-management or high-end individual contributor roles (up to $125K), the relocation packages were all strikingly similar, $5,000-$15,000 lump sum. That’s it. Take it or leave it. Relo packages offered between these roles and upper management/directors, C-suite is often incredibly dramatic. The vast majority of employees for a company are not in upper management, but they are overwhelmingly the engine that powers company profitability. Factor in new market trends such as sky-high interest rates and candidates are more reluctant than ever to move. When asked if they were relocating more or less candidates, a single firm owner said it was more in 2023.

A few years ago, companies began to get creative with how they attract and retain talent. Unlimited vacation, hybrid-remote options, higher salaries, cafeterias with more food options than Mall of America, etc.… In shifting markets, I would think companies would be more strategic and innovative with relocation offerings. For instance, many of us have clients with multiple sites but the relocation packages never deviate regardless of cost-of-living in certain areas? Painting with a broad brush, wouldn’t you say?

In the ever-competitive landscape of attracting the best talent, it behooves companies to pivot and take a closer look at relocation packages across all levels of employment. At some point, we’ve all coached clients in one way or another on their recruiting strategy, but relo packages remain outside of our touch points. Despite shifting sands, it appears that companies are unable to move quickly enough in this area to keep up with market changes.

Smart Sourcing with Candidate Engagement

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Armaan Akbany, CEO and Co-Founder of Shortlyst AI. Shortlyst AI is an all-in-one AI-based outbound multi-channel sourcing platform. Shortlyst AI provides 650+ million professional database, automation and contact finder features to cater to the needs of modern recruitment. In this article, Armaan and the Shortlyst Team discuss how better candidate engagement can improve your sourcing efforts.

The initial phase of the hiring process involves sourcing candidates. The HR department must review all incoming applications and shortlist them accordingly. A variety of techniques have been employed to achieve this, including ATS screening, employee referrals, and internal talent utilization. However, as time progresses, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest sourcing candidate developments to ensure your company remains competitive in acquiring the desired talent. Companies must realize that applicants have the right to seek out the most suitable workplace for their needs, just as companies have the right to establish their requirements. This has become even more prevalent since the pandemic’s conclusion, with remote work being one of the most preferred options among candidates. A helpful tip for effective sourcing is to make the most of candidate engagement. Read the rest of this entry »

Executive Recruitment Strategies: Transitioning from Cold to Warm Calling

by Veronica Blatt

In the world of executive recruitment, business development is a critical component. Traditionally, recruiters have relied heavily on cold calling to attract new clients. However, as the industry evolves, many are transitioning to more effective strategies such as warm calling. This shift not only increases the likelihood of successful client acquisition but also fosters long-term relationships that can lead to repeat business. No one wants to receive cold calls from someone who doesn’t know anything about them or their business. Read the rest of this entry »

B2B Business Development: The Top 10 Unconventional Things You Need to Do for Success

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Tim Lane founder and director of Park Lane Recruitment based near Manchester UK.  Park Lane Recruitment is a specialist recruiting firm in the technology space with niche areas of cybersecurity, fintech, space and defense IT, as well as generic IT sales, tech and managerial.  Tim is also an NPAworldwide Board Director with responsibility for the EMEA region and a 30+ year veteran of the recruiting industry. Today Tim gives us a lighthearted look at the serious topic of business development.

Welcome to the wild, sometimes wacky, world of B2B business development! This isn’t your ordinary, dry-as-dust, business tutorial. Oh no, we’re about to dive headlong into a tongue-in-cheek guide that reveals the lighter side of building successful business relationships. From mastering the art of the ‘Zoom mullet’ to the delicate dance of the follow-up email, we’ll explore the top ten things you need to do for successful B2B business development. So buckle up, grab a notepad (and perhaps a cocktail), and prepare for an irreverent romp through the often-hilarious reality of B2B networking. After all, who said business had to be boring? Read the rest of this entry »

Legal Protections Against Backdoor Hiring

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Wilson Cole. He is the CEO of and Adams, Evens & Ross, the nation’s largest credit and collections agency designed exclusively for the staffing and recruiting industry. In 2008 he was inducted into INC Magazine’s, “INC 500” for being the CEO of Adams, Evens & Ross, the 307th fastest-growing privately held company in America. Adams, Evens, & Ross has helped more than 3,000 staffing and recruiting firms recover more than $1 billion in past-due debt and is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program. Read his post below to learn what to do if you’re facing backdoor hiring.

Companies strive to find the best talent to fuel their growth. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous entities resort to backdoor hiring – a practice where a third party approaches employees without the knowledge or consent of the current employer.

This act undermines the trust between employers and their workforce and poses significant legal challenges. This blog post will delve into the legal recourse available to companies facing backdoor hiring and explore the steps they can take to prevent and address such situations. Read the rest of this entry »

Improve Your Recruitment Desk with Revenue Modeling

by Veronica Blatt

Back in 2020 during the pandemic, business conditions changed rapidly for recruiters. From a screeching halt to hiring to a rapid change in attitudes about work, anyone who works a recruitment desk has had to adapt to new ways of working. We started offering a monthly webinar series to offer free training to NPAworldwide members, which has been wildly popular and continues to offer great value. Earlier this month, Barb Bruno from Good As Gold Training offered a session on subtle tweaks to business development tactics. This was a really dynamic presentation, full of practical, no-nonsense advice. I’d like to share some of my favorite tidbits: Read the rest of this entry »

New Year, New Business Plan for Recruitment Firms

by Dave Nerz

The new year is a great time to take stock of what you do successfully and what areas might need some shoring up. Here are a few things to consider in your business plan:


Make sure you have your team optimized for success. Do you have the right mix of remote work built in for yourself and staff? Remote work can be more productive than in-the-office work, but the right mix will optimize your team’s outcomes. Don’t forget rewards and incentives. Monitor successes and areas for improvement. Make sure you plan time for yourself and team members to think. Thinking is underappreciated and often not planned. Change that in 2024. Read the rest of this entry »

9 Recruiter Resolutions for 2024

by Veronica Blatt

As we enter the New Year, it’s an excellent time for recruiters to reflect on the past year and focus on the future of their businesses. If you’re looking to take your recruitment business to the next level, then this blog post is for you. Here are 9 recruiter resolutions that you can implement to improve your business in 2024. Read the rest of this entry »

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