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Email Safety Best Practices

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Kristina Finseth. She is the head of growth marketing at Interseller, a prospecting and outreach platform built for recruiters and sellers. Interseller has an amazing partnership with NPAworldwide, and helps multiple recruiting teams optimize workflows to engage more clients and candidates. In this blog post, Kristina provides email safety best practices for remote and distributed teams.

In light of recent events, millions of professionals have been required to take their work home instead of commuting to the office. Employers have become responsible not just for keeping the tasks of business moving, but also facilitating their employees in a brand-new remote work environment. Among the many challenges of logistics, communication, and access to work resources, one substantial challenge is email safety. Read the rest of this entry »

The Case for Paying Vendors in Local Currency

by Veronica Blatt

Our guest blogger is Cheryl Girling, director of enterprise sales within Cambridge’s Global Enterprise Group. She started her career in foreign exchange to help clients protect their bottom line through currency risk management strategies and has since become a payment nerd too. Based in Montreal, Cheryl’s focus is helping clients and partners in North America scale their business for global expansion, streamline and automate their cross border payments process.

Over 14,000 global businesses trust Cambridge to power their cross-border payments, execute plans to manage their currency risk and ultimately help grow their businesses around the world. Cambridge aims to deliver unmatched service and expertise with respect to moving money globally. Utilizing a proprietary payment automation technology and currency risk mitigation solutions, Cambridge takes pride in connecting businesses large and small with the global financial markets and businesses all over the world.

Does your company often hire vendors that are based outside the US? While many of these vendors choose to issue invoices in US dollars (as currency denomination), paying them can be more complicated than one might think. Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking the Covid Interviewing Experience

by Veronica Blatt

Our guest blogger is Roman Duty of Recruiting Services International / RSI in Rushville, Indiana. RSI is a boutique executive search firm that celebrated 50 consecutive years of business in 2020. The firm provides highly individualized recruiting services to clients on a local, regional, and international basis. The firm’s recruiting activities are focused on high-level technical search and managerial placement in many manufacturing arenas.

In 2020, the recruiting industry has witnessed a record number of counteroffers, fall-offs, no-shows, and ghosting from all parties involved. Sadly, as we move past Q1 2021, COVID doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Are the masses losing common courtesy to commit to their word, or the gumption to just be forthright when they change their mind or are displeased? Perhaps the relationships that are built are just too superficial, due to the speed and ease of technology, so everyone treats each other as transactional. Fingers point both directions. Read the rest of this entry »

Q2 Hiring Activity: Continued Green Shoots

by Veronica Blatt

global payroll outlookManpower Group has released its Employment Outlook Survey for the upcoming quarter. Globally, hiring activity remains generally positive, although at a slower pace than this time a year ago. Employers in 43 countries participated in the survey, with payroll gains anticipated in 31 of those countries. Declines are expected in ten countries while two countries expect no change. More than three-quarters of employers expect pre-pandemic levels of hiring to return by the end of 2021. Some other highlights from results: Read the rest of this entry »

WFH Decisions Impact Recruiters

by Dave Nerz

While recruitment in the times of Covid is already complex, recruiters need to prepare for the months ahead. Employers will be making decisions about the need for millions of workers to continue work from home (WFH) or to move back into the office. Here are some of the issues that will influence this decision and impact the recruitment and candidate placement process for years to come. Read the rest of this entry »

Candidate Ghosting and Damage to the Candidate Experience

by Veronica Blatt

image of candidate ghostingToday’s guest blog is from People 2.0, a leading provider of back-office solutions for staffing and recruiting organizations, nationally and globally. We offer a variety of support services, including payrolling, payroll funding, risk management, etc., and serve as a strategic resource in helping you efficiently and profitably place talent.

Ghosting: You say you’ll call, but you never do…

You might be doing your candidates, your clients, and your recruiting firm a disservice by ghosting job applicants. If you’ve never heard of this term, it means that you’ve effectively gone radio silent on an applicant without explanation. This can happen after exchanging emails or LinkedIn messages, after initial phone interviews, or after a lengthy interview process. Read the rest of this entry »

Contingency Recruitment vs. Other Models

by Veronica Blatt

Contingency recruitment has long been the dominant pricing model in our industry. If you’re not familiar with that phrase, it means that the recruiter doesn’t get paid until a candidate gets hired. This has generally been pitched as being low-risk for the employer client: they don’t spend any money until they make a hire. On the flip side, I believe there is a common understanding that contingent recruiters may work harder – after all, they work for free unless a placement is made. But is this really the best business model for either clients or recruiters? What other options exist? Read the rest of this entry »

How Collaboration Will Save Us

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Laura LaBine from LaBine and Associates in the San Francisco Bay Area (USA). Laura is a member of the NPAworldwide Board of Directors, with responsibility for the network’s practice groups. LaBine and Associates is a boutique recruitment firm specializing in placing highly skilled individuals with clients in the cybersecurity, clean energy, high tech, fin-tech and other industries. Read her thoughts on how collaboration makes the world smaller below.

The pandemic has changed the world. This virus is the one thing that we all share in common, no matter where you live in the world, or the color of your skin, whatever your gender…..the virus has affected all of our lives in some way. I’ve been interviewing candidates all over the world, and it’s the unified theme in all of our conversations: “Are you okay, and is your family okay?”

Everyone now knows what Zoom is, and some say that TikTok is a verb. (i.e., “In our house, we like to TikTok for at least an hour at the end of the day.”) Our need to connect has influenced our engagement with technology more than ever. Read the rest of this entry »

Employers Make Global Expansion Mistakes. Recruiters Can Help.

by Dave Nerz

global placement activityAccording to Globalization Partners, a company that provides in-country payroll in 187 countries around the world, there are 10 mistakes commonly made during a company’s global expansion.

The list of mistakes reads like this: Read the rest of this entry »

Are the Times A-Changin’?

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Paulette Steele with Real Resumes located in Queensland, Australia. Real Resumes is educating people from beginning to end on getting a job.  Short videos cover all aspects including: where to look for a job, writing effective resumes, researching and preparing for the interview, and most importantly, mastering the interview itself. Paulette has 15 years of recruitment experience and a vast career in various industries. She writes about toxic employees below.

Bob Dylan, one of the great songwriters of our time, wrote the song The Times They Are A-Changin in 1963 when indeed the world was going through massive changes. 2020 has been one of those years too and some things will need to change going forward. Now is the time to look ahead to see what you can do differently and not bury your head in the sand and see this year simply as a glitch. Read the rest of this entry »