International Recruiters Network

Working with global partners, NPAworldwide members can expand the geographic scope of their services to clients and candidates on six continents. The extended reach provided by our international recruiters network enables members to participate in more projects, generate increased revenue, and compete effectively with corporate recruiting firms and franchises. In addition, these global connections give members an opportunity to share ideas, resources, and strategies with some of the world’s top recruiters.

  • International recruiting reach. Roughly one third of our members are located outside North America.
  • Trusted international recruiters network. Members provide their clients with worldwide recruiting connections through a trusted network with the highest ethical standards.
  • World-class representation. Members know the language, culture, people, and industries of their home country. Conversely, corporate chains and recruiting franchises often staff international headhunting offices with transplanted personnel who have fewer regional connections and limited local knowledge.
  • Onsite international support.  NPAworldwide members are supported by international recruiters when traveling abroad. Members often utilize office space, business resources, and conference facilities made available by member partners when recruiting in foreign locations.
  • Better service to clients. Today’s global companies have international customers, supply chains, and production capabilities. Recruiters without worldwide recruiting connections are missing out on profitable international split-fee placements.
  • Partnership with TEAM. TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement) is the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK offering a wide range of services to their members, as well as a strategic alliance with NPAworldwide.
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