Split Fee Network Leadership

NPAworldwide leadership is provided by the member owners of the split fee network. Members provide direction and guidance by serving on the board of directors, on various committees, and in many volunteer capacities.

Board of Directors. NPAworldwide is governed by an elected board of directors. Each person on the board also owns and operates a member firm. Board members are responsible for establishing the business plan and priorities, developing a budget, and overseeing the operations of the split fee network.

Committees. Many projects are undertaken and executed by committee. There are standing committees for each trading group, quality/training/mentoring, meetings, bylaws & business practices, membership development, and systems, as well as ad-hoc committees for special projects.

Volunteer Opportunities. Members can also volunteer their time and expertise to the international recruiter network without serving in a formal board or committee capacity. Other volunteer opportunities include making presentations at meetings, serving as mentors to new members, writing articles, and developing web content. In this way, members can share their vocational interests and expertise with the entire split fee network.

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