What Does the Ban on Noncompete Agreements Mean?

by Veronica Blatt

image of noncompete agreements with a red circle and slash on the topBack in January 2023, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a proposal to prohibit employers from requiring employees to sign noncompete agreements. After a public commentary period, the FTC voted yesterday to implement this proposed rule. Employers may no longer require noncompetes, and existing noncompetes are also considered null and void. An exception remains for existing agreements with senior executives, defined as those making more than US $151,164 per year and hold a policy-making role. The rule is set to take place in 120 days and is sure to face legal challenges. Read the rest of this entry »

Legal Requirements for Recruitment Firms

by Veronica Blatt

image of judge's gavel with scales of justice in the backgroundIf you’re thinking of starting your own recruitment firm, one of the areas where you need to invest in some research is employment law. It seemed like employment law was static for many years and over the past few years has been changing so much it’s hard to keep track. There are a number of legal requirements for recruitment firms; here is a partial list of some of the most important. (Disclaimer: This is NOT legal advice. Please consult an attorney who specializes in employment law.) Read the rest of this entry »

Legal Updates for Recruiters

by Veronica Blatt

NPAworldwide has been in business since 1956. During that time, there have been occasional new laws and regulations that have impacted recruitment, although the last 15-ish years have seemed fairly static in this area. All of a sudden, there are legal updates for recruiters occurring at a frequency that has many practitioners approaching them like Whac-A-Mole. If you’ve not been paying attention to the changing legal landscape, it’s time to start! This is equally true for employers as well as third-party recruitment firms. Read the rest of this entry »

Legal Issues That Impact Recruitment Clients

by Dave Nerz

If you are working with smaller recruitment clients that do not have formal training on best practices and the laws around hiring and firing, you can be a valuable resource. Here’s one your clients likely do not even think about… Read the rest of this entry »

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