Split Placements

A Split Placement Network Recipe For Success

by Liz Carey

Measuring cups and measuring spoons on a blank recipe pageNew recruiters come into a split placement network to expand their reach, build their revenues, and to better serve clients and candidates. Just like joining anything, it can be hard to be the “newbie” and break in to a split placement network.  Where do you start? How does it work? How long will it take to get that first split placement fee in your pocket? Read the rest of this entry »

Building Recruiting Relationships

by Liz Carey

When you join a recruitment network or decide to work split placements, one of the things that recruiters find hard to wrap their head around is giving away their “insider” information, such as the name of their client. Some recruiters hold this info close to their vest, in fear of their trading partner trying to go around them and contact the client directly.

But when you join a recruiting network built on trust, comprised of vetted recruiters, and backed by member-owners who all adhere to the same rules, you will find that its most successful members are ones who are completely open and transparent, because they realize the value of open and honest communication. Read the rest of this entry »

Split Placements on the Rise

by Veronica Blatt

With 9 months of the year officially behind us, I thought it would be timely to provide a review of YTD split placements among our membership. This morning, the September jobs report showed a modest decline in jobs growth from August, but the US unemployment rate shrank to 3.5%, a 50-year low. Within NPAworldwide, many members are still experiencing near-record hiring activity, although there are certainly pockets that are less robust. Overall split placement revenue is up in our network 20% compared to this time last year. This is a combination of both more placements as well as higher salaries. Some of the things we are noticing: Read the rest of this entry »

In Recruiting, Reputation is Everything

by Liz Carey

In a recruitment network, reputation is everything.  It’s important to build relationships and put in the work that your trading partner expects.  If you fling resumes at partners hoping that one sticks, or if you send a candidate for a partner’s job that is completely off-track, or if you send a partner a candidate that you’ve never had a conversation with… chances are you are going to get a bad reputation. And bad reputations stick.  There can be hundreds of trading partners to choose from and work with, so if you want someone to work with you, make sure you are only sending on-target candidates that you have a relationship with. Make sure you present them in a way that you contribute a ‘value add’, not just a LinkedIn profile link or resume.

Here’s some tips on how to submit candidates to a trading partner and build a good relationship in a recruitment network.

Read the rest of this entry »

You Joined A Split Placement Network… Now What?

by Liz Carey

Recruitment Firms join a split placement network to expand their reach, better serve clients and candidates, and add to their revenue. As a member engagement specialist for NPAworldwide, I help connect our members to trading partners in their niche, help them navigate NPA’s Marketplace, and facilitate practice group calls where they can meet other recruiters. But one of the most important steps is connecting with a new member when they first join to help understand their goals and set realistic expectations for their membership. Some of the questions I get – How does it work? How long will it take to get my first split placement fee? Where do I start? Read the rest of this entry »

Take a Shot With Split Placements

by Liz Carey

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

I’m a hockey nut, so I love this quote, and I was reminded of it on a recent NPAworldwide Practice Group call, when a member pointed out that the recruiters should look at ways to maximize opportunities with their current clients and focus on all their customer’s needs. For example, a healthcare recruiter may primarily make nursing placements with a major hospital client, but it doesn’t hurt to ask that client if they have placement needs in IT, administrative or clerical. While you may not specialize in these areas, you can partner up with another firm who does – and you may just become a one-stop-shop for your client, ultimately leading to more job orders in the end.

What do you do if your client comes to you with a job order that you don’t have the bandwidth to help fill? How can you keep your client happy without adding to your costs by hiring another recruiter or opening a branch in another location? Read the rest of this entry »

Trust is Key in a Trading Partnership

by Liz Carey

Some of the best trading partnerships in the NPAworldwide network happen when partners form a relationship where the other is essentially an extension of their desk, and treat each other as if they were working in the same office… even if they’re across the globe.

Just as a recruiter is a business partner and is critical to the success of their client’s business, the recruiter’s trading partner (who provides the candidate) is just as essential, as your reputation is on the line. Read the rest of this entry »

Should My Recruitment Firm be Making Split Placements?

by Sarah Freiburger

As the Director of Membership for NPAworldwide, a recruitment network, I encounter many firm owners who have never added split placements into their business model and are considering joining the network.  Here are five key qualifying factors I consider during my conversations.

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Building a Good Reputation as a Trading Partner

by Liz Carey

Since 1956, NPAworldwide has helped foster split placements between recruiters. But membership in and of itself is not a simple ticket to splits – you have to build relationships within the network by fostering trust and communication.

Here are a few tips on how to become a trusted partner in a split network: Read the rest of this entry »

Cross-Border Splits

by Liz Carey

One of the benefits of membership in a worldwide recruiting network like NPAworldwide is the ability to promote an international capability to your clients, serve your clients outside of their home markets, maximize your firm’s business opportunity by spending your time where the jobs are, and avoiding down economic situations in your home market.

NPAworldwide defines “cross-border” splits as deals where the partners are operating in different countries.  Here are several recent examples of NPAworldwide members that completed a cross-border split: Read the rest of this entry »

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