How I Found Success in a Split Placement Network

by Liz Carey

NPAworldwide recently held a Topical Call where some of NPAworldwide’s most successful members gave quick tips on growing your business and how to find success in a split placement network network.

The following tips were provided by NPAworldwide’s Hall of Fame members, which represents lifetime achievement in NPAworldwide split placement activity, achieving cumulative salaries of at least US$10 million of placed candidates. Read the rest of this entry »

Make a Recruitment Network Part of Your Day

by Liz Carey

The most successful recruiters in our network are the ones who use all of NPAworldwide’s tools, and use them consistently. Every now and then, we have recruiters who reach out to trading partners or join practice group conference calls only when they need something – help filling a job req, help placing a candidate they can’t find a suitable role for, etc. And yes, this works too. But the most successful recruiters make it part of their day, every day. This is what helps keep you visible and helps develop great relationships with your trading partners.

We know recruiters don’t have a lot of extra time in their day, but here are some tips on how to effectively work a split placement network: Read the rest of this entry »

6 Quick Tips on Split Placement Network Success

by Liz Carey

Our network recently held a topical call where thriving NPAworldwide members shared 6 quick tips on making a split placement network work for you:

This is a communication business, if people don’t communicate, then you can’t do business with them. Very plain and simple. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Ways to Get Your Feet Wet in a Split Placement Network

by Liz Carey

4PMSQNEV8DJoining a recruitment network can open up a world of opportunities for a recruiter – new trading partners to do splits with, access to recruiters and candidates outside of your niche and geographic area, and a group of peers to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of. But for a “newbie” joining an established network, it can sometimes seem like everybody already knows each other, so how do you make a name for yourself? Here are 4 tips on how to get your feet wet in a split placement network:

1-Where to start

You have to get your name out there. Make it a point to call one network member each week/month. Recruiters are busy and they don’t often have time to keep tabs on and reach out to every new recruiter who joins the network. By being proactive and introducing yourself, you’ll stand out from the crowd and be able to develop relationships with other trading partners faster. You never know who is looking for help from a recruiter who specializes in exactly what you do or where you work. It’s important to reach out by phone, and not just hide behind a computer screen. You might find a position that another recruiter posted online that interests you, but it’s in both of your best interests for you to reach out and connect with that recruiter to find out more about the role and the client before you waste anyone’s time.

2-Communication matters

The most successful trading partner relationships work because both recruiters are open and honest. The recruiter with the job order will likely share every single piece of information about a role, including his client’s information, if he/she trusts the exporter he/she is working with. It’s important for the exporter to get clarity on the role and the company culture in order to completely understand what the client is looking for and find the right fit. The recruiter with the job order will also keep his trading partner informed and “in the loop” of any new developments in the hiring process. By being completely transparent, the two partners will develop a sense of trust in one another, leading to a smooth hiring process and a solid relationship where they know they can turn to each other for help in the future.

3-Meetings and the importance of getting your name out there

Attend meetings and trading group calls so people can put a face and/or voice to your name. The more people hear from you, the more likely they are going to think you are active and reliable, and might be able to help them. When you go to meetings, you learn an incredible amount, but you also learn more about one another. Recruiters have limited time during the day to have in-depth conversations, so by going to the meetings, you get to know someone’s style a bit more and learn a bit more about their clients or things they’re hoping to do. Personal connections really do help.

4-Find a peer coach or mentor

If your network offers peer coaches or mentors, sign up for one immediately. They know who the “players” in the network are, and will be happy to help connect you. This business isn’t the easiest in the world, and it helps to have someone you can ask questions to or bounce ideas off of — maybe you can learn from them about a certain type of technology, or about their experience working with a particular affiliate. Everybody works differently, so it’s nice to hear firsthand how someone has worked with different people in the network.

How did you get your start in a split network?

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