Professional Development for Recruiters

by Veronica Blatt

image of woman in professional development settingWith the end of the year quickly approaching, it’s a good time to start planning for professional development for recruiters in 2024. This is too often an area that gets overlooked or gets pushed lower on the priorities list. As recruitment tools and entire recruitment landscape continue to change at a breathtaking pace, it’s important to dedicate time to getting better at your craft. Here are some areas of professional development to consider: Read the rest of this entry »

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn Voice Messages

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Kristina Finseth. She is the head of growth marketing at Interseller, a prospecting and outreach platform built for recruiters and sellers. Interseller has an amazing partnership with NPAworldwide, and helps multiple recruiting teams optimize workflows to engage more clients and candidates. In this blog post, Kristina shares best practices for incorporating LinkedIn voice messages into your candidate and client outreach process.

Let’s be real: No two prospects or candidates are alike.

This means people will respond differently to outreach via email, cold calling, or social channels like LinkedIn. Read the rest of this entry »

7 Recruiting Resources for Great Training

by Veronica Blatt

wooden blocksAs independent recruiters, it can be tough to take time away from your desk to seek out training and other recruiting resources. Keeping your skills current is always important; it’s critical when talent is short and competition is high. There are many great options for recruitment training. Here is a list of 7 options for training, in no particular order, that are worth a look (note: the first 5 will all be speaking at the 2013 NPA Global Conference).

  • Recruiter eLearning, Doug Beabout – As with so many things in life, the “fundamentals” are the key to success. Doug is a big believer in the fundamentals of recruiting. While there are lots of recruiting resources that offer more flash and glitz, you can’t go wrong with Doug’s rock-solid methods.
  • Next Level Exchange – Next Level Exchange offers a variety of affordable online training options ranging from free previews of NLE TV episodes up to monthly subscriptions. There is a wide variety of trainers and topics suitable for everyone from a brand-new recruiter to an owner and everyone in between. Next Level Exchange is a tremendous recruiting resource that delivers high value for the money spent.
  • Bullseye Mentor, Greg Doersching – Greg is a hands-on, works a desk every day, practical trainer. He has great reference materials, samples, forms, etc. for anyone who purchases his training products.
  • Adler Concepts, Lou Adler – Follow Lou on LinkedIn where he publishes a lot of articles about hiring, HR, and recruiting. Lou is perhaps best-known for promoting performance-based hiring. Among other things, I enjoy reading his thoughts about writing more effective job descriptions.
  • #tru, Bill Boorman – I first learned of Bill on Twitter, and I am really excited to meet him at NPA’s Global Conference later this month. He really understands social media as a useful, effective tool for recruiting and recruiters. If Twitter isn’t your thing, you can always follow Bill’s blog.
  • NAPS (Disclaimer: NPA is a member of NAPS and holds a seat on the NAPS Board of Directors.) – NAPS, the National Association of Personnel Services, along with other state and national associations, are some of the best and most affordable recruiting resources available. Not only does NAPS offer certification and myriad educational opportunities, members also have access to legal advice.
  • The Savage Truth, Greg Savage – Greg is an Australian recruiter, speaker, and trainer who also frequently blogs about recruiting and staffing issues. I like Greg’s “tell it like it is” style and global perspective.

There are plenty of other excellent recruiting resources. Who or what are some of your favorites, especially outside of the USA?

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