Maintain Your Value: Why Negotiating Rates Shouldn’t Be the Norm

by Liz Carey

couple dancing the tango in a ballroomWhen embarking on a new recruitment venture, it’s a rarity to witness your terms of engagement swiftly accepted without a hint of hesitation. The rates negotiation tango is more commonplace than an effortless agreement!

Anticipate the rates dialogue; it’s an integral part of the recruitment choreography. You might be tempted to compromise due to a promising client or an enticing vacancy… or even because the economy has shifted, reqs have dried up and you’re desperate. The allure of securing the deal can cloud your stance on rates. However, consider this – your rates reflect your value.

Here are five solid grounds why compromising on your rates undermines your worth:

  1. Value of Experience Over Task: Clients often scrutinize the cost against the perceived outcome – a few CVs for a substantial sum? Educate them on the unseen effort. Your fee isn’t just for the task; it encapsulates your experience. Your mastery acquired over countless hours adds value beyond the visible deliverables. The time invested in understanding the industry nuances and trends streamlines the process for your client, saving them invaluable time.

  2. Stand Firm Amidst Company Policies: Some clients rigidly adhere to preset norms, citing industry standards as their benchmark. However, not all recruiters operate alike. If your focus is on quality over quantity, stand by your expertise. Politely decline offers that don’t align with your value proposition. Emphasize the unique approach you bring to the table and the tailored solutions you provide.

  3. Self-Value Breeds Client Respect: If you believe in your value, why compromise? External pressures or persuasive tactics may sway you momentarily. Yet, compromising on rates as a quick fix jeopardizes your long-term positioning. Upholding your value establishes a precedent for client respect and sets the tone for future engagements.

  4. Educate Clients on Recruitment Realities: Recruitment isn’t a one-off transaction; it’s a complex orchestration of interconnected steps. Clarify this to clients who overlook the intricacies involved. Your meticulous candidate vetting, thorough referencing, and personalized approach differentiate your service. Educating clients on the process elevates their appreciation of your contribution.

  5. Unlock the Power of Networking: Beyond your skills lies a treasure trove – your network. In a landscape where top talent evades conventional searches, your ‘little black book’ holds the key. Leverage your extensive network to unearth hidden gems and deliver exceptional results. Remind clients that access to this exclusive pool is a premium service they benefit from.

In essence, your rates should mirror your value proposition. Uphold your worth, educate clients on the depth of your expertise, and emphasize the strategic partnership you offer. Retaining your value not only sustains your reputation but also reinforces the intrinsic worth you bring to every recruitment endeavor.

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