Global Recruiting Site Trends Survey

By Veronica Scrimshaw

quarterly hiring outlookEvery year, Jeff Dickey-Chasins, also known as The Job Board Doctor, conducts a global recruiting survey regarding job board trends. The 2016-17 edition has been released, and I thought I would recap some of the findings here. The full report is available online (free registration is required), and it’s worth your time to read it. Survey respondents came from all regions of the world, with participation up more than 20% from the previous year. The survey included a range of questions covering topics such as demographics, site performance, organizational business model, business plans, and perceived threats and opportunities.

Some of the information that I found most interested included the following:

  • As reported by nearly half of respondents, the average job posting received more than 16 clicks.
    • My take: If your click counts are routinely lower than this, invest in some education/training to help you improve the quality of your job postings.
  • Almost 50% of respondents have been operating for 11+ years. The remaining respondents were fairly evenly divided, with roughly 10% each in the 9-10 years, 7-8 years, 5-6 years, 3-4 years, 1-2 years, and less than 1 year category.
    • My take: Clearly there continues to be regular start-up activity in the job board world.
  • Mobile accounts for more than 40% of traffic for more than 40% of respondents.
    • My take: I am still seeing a ton of global recruiting sites that are NOT mobile-friendly. Please, if you are working with job seekers in any capacity, get your site optimized for mobile. If you do NOTHING ELSE this year, make that a priority. Candidates are coming to your site from mobile devices. If their experience is poor, they may not give you a second chance from a desktop system.
  • Approximately 45% of respondents use PPC (pay-per-click) services from an aggregator to increase traffic, while almost 40% use organic job listings.
    • My take: Make sure you are getting good analytics on your PPC investment. Companies like Recruitics can help you analyze and monitor your job board spend so that you get the most return on your investment. Brush up on your SEO knowledge as well to make sure you are following current best practices to improve organic traffic on your own site as well as any aggregators you are using.

Job boards are still an effective tool for finding candidates and connecting them to your open roles. New solutions and changing technology continue to dot the landscape. Look for good partners who can help you manage the changes effectively.

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Human Capital and Recruitment Benchmarks

By Dave Nerz

benchmarking-wordleSometimes it is valuable to compare your business or your plans to recruitment benchmarks. HR Magazine published some stats from the Society of Human Resource Management 2016 Human Capital Benchmarking Report that are excellent measures of what employers, candidates and recruiters might experience in the workplace. Items like costs to hire, tenure and span of control were addressed in the report. Read the rest of this entry »

If Only I Had Known That Sooner! 8 Tips for New Recruiters

By Veronica Scrimshaw

tips for new recruitersToday’s guest blogger is Bill Benson with WilliamCharles Search Group located in Grand Rapids, MI. WilliamCharles is an executive search and professional recruiting firm specialized in finding managerial and executive talent in finance, HR, operations, sales/marketing as well as president/CEO roles. They have a concentration of clients in Michigan but they also work across the US. Bill is the secretary/treasurer of the NPAworldwide Board of Directors. In this post, Bill shares some tips for new recruiters that he wishes he’d learned earlier in his career!

Do you sometimes wish you could go back in time and apply what you know now? I’m not talking about high school dating! Let’s help the newer readers in the audience by sharing some tips for new recruiters. Here are a few of mine: Read the rest of this entry »

Split Placement Story: Anatomy of an International Split

By Sarah Gawrys

teamwork and partnership concept. four hands connecting puzzle

Firms who are not currently making split placements, or those not making them internationally will occasionally wonder what is involved in making an international split placement to determine how to incorporate them into their business model, and if it is worth the effort. Here is a real-life example of how one such deal came together. The recruiters were based in Jakarta, Indonesia and Brisbane, Australia. The story is shared below:

The Jakarta based recruiter received the job opening from their client. Their firm had filled a role for them within their region, which resulted in receiving this new job opening in Brisbane. As members of an international split network, NPAworldwide, they posted the job, and a recruiter in Brisbane picked it up.  

Initially, this placement was not an easy one as there were too many people involved. The recruiter in Jakarta was the point of contact with the client in Indonesia, but they also had involvement from HR in China, HR in Singapore, the headquarters in Sweden, plus a hiring manager and finally the recruiter in Australia working with local Brisbane candidates. They had about 2-3 attempts at the job and lost some good candidates because the process was too slow due to all the different people involved from different locations. Once the recruiter in Brisbane was able to take direct control of the interviews with the local hiring manager, everything ran smoothly.

Overall, it took about 3 months from the start to the offer/acceptance. The client needed some assistance and advice in packaging the offer to make it acceptable to Australian candidates that the local recruiter was able to aide with, and some additional hires were even made from the final shortlist of 3 candidates. The client was very impressed with the caliber of candidates that they put forth. Both candidates are still working for the client, and both have been promoted.

In terms of the candidates, one candidate was originally from the UK but had just recently moved to Brisbane where the job was. The other candidate was an Iranian living in Sydney; he did move to Brisbane. No visa issues occurred, but they did provide real estate information for housing.

The firm in Jakarta has been able to keep expanding their services geographically with this same client with help from their network trading partners. They have made placements for this client in Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia and are now working on a role in India. Collaboration with partners helps them perform well for their clients, leading to more roles, leading to more collaboration – it is a very positive circle!

The recruiting process is basically the same whether you are working locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. Sure, there may be some additional elements, like time zones and visas, that can lengthen the process. With the right partners, recruiters should feel confident saying YES to the clients and to an international split placement!

The Exporter’s Guide to the Split Placement Network

By Liz Carey

409rplfbgyIn a recruiting network, you have several different types of recruiters: importers – the recruiter working for clients who has job orders to fill, exporters – the recruiter working with candidates who solely refers talent to importers, and recruiters who do a combination of importing and exporting.

It’s a great system – an importer can simply post their job order and an exporter may find a perfect match by searching their database and sending one along. But it can only work correctly if both sides are on the same page. No importer wants to be spammed by an exporter with 100 resumes of candidates that don’t match what they’re looking for whatsoever, and no exporter wants to waste their time providing quality referrals to someone who doesn’t give any feedback. Read the rest of this entry »

7 Recruitment Resolutions for 2017

By Veronica Scrimshaw

fireworks-535198_1920-300As everyone gets back to work post-holidays, here are a few recruitment resolutions in case you haven’t made your own list:

Get more social. People have been talking about social media and recruitment for years, but there are still many recruiters not participating. Social media can help you reach new clients and candidates affordably. Start small: select one or two channels. Read the rest of this entry »

Split Story – How to Succeed in the New Year

By Sarah Gawrys

Increase chartAs we approach the end of the year, it is time for independent recruiters to start thinking about how to

succeed in the new year. Here is a New Year’s resolution for recruiters to get you started on the right

foot and networking:  Read the rest of this entry »

Independent Recruiter Blog – Top 5 Posts of 2016

By Veronica Scrimshaw

top-5If you’re catching up on any reading over the holidays, check out the top posts of the year on our independent recruiter blog:

Bad News About the Future of Staffing and Recruiting Pay attention to these points from Scott Love addressing the shrinking talent pool, the increase in the number of recruitment firms, and the ways that technology have made it easier for companies to do their own recruiting. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking for an ATS/CRM? Asking for a demo is the last thing you should do.

By Veronica Scrimshaw

josh-gerrardToday’s guest blogger is Josh Gerrard of Bullhorn, the global market-leading ATS/CRM for recruitment companies. Josh specialises in small agencies and has helped hundreds of recruiters take the next step to drive efficiency and growth with their CRM. Connect with Josh on LinkedIn.

I’ve just finished watching Westworld, the latest off the rack of hit HBO shows (don’t worry, no spoilers here). I’m pretty sure I still have no idea what was going on, or whether I enjoyed it, but I definitely know it happened!

Have you ever left a software demo feeling like this? Usually it’s because the salesperson (guilty) is trying to show off the bells and whistles of their product without fully understanding what’s important to you and your business. Read the rest of this entry »

Moving the Fence-Sitting Candidate

By Veronica Scrimshaw

scott_photoToday’s guest blogger is Scott Love, a performance coach for recruiters.  He shortens the learning curve for rookies and helps experienced recruiters finally reach their full potential. Over 4,500 staffing and recruiting firms from over 35 countries have invested in his training and performance systems.  Visit his free training site to access his blog, his podcast, and download ten free tools that will help you bill more:

I felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. I just left the third message for the candidate without a getting a single call back. He had a great background and the first time I talked with him two weeks ago he said there were some pretty important issues motivating him to consider other things. Read the rest of this entry »

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