5 Tips for Designing a World-Class Recruitment Website

By Veronica Scrimshaw

image of web architecture to represent recruitment websiteToday’s guest blogger is Sam Ajam of BuzzRecruiter.com. Founded in 2006, BuzzRecruiter.com creates design and marketing buzz that serves the recruiting and staffing industry nationwide. Based in Silicon Valley and run by BizzwithBuzz, Inc, BuzzRecruiter.com specializes in using the latest graphic design, web marketing tools, and technology to boost your brand’s web presence and outshine the competition. At BuzzRecruiter.com, they always put the client first. BuzzRecruiter.com offers top notch customer service, one-on-one consultations, and custom solutions in responsive web design, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), web and interactive marketing, social media branding and content writing solutions. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes, You Need a Recruitment Blog. Here’s Why.

By Veronica Scrimshaw

Blog-Computer-KeyAt our recent Global Conference, I heard several members ponder the value of blogging. I believe a recruitment blog is an effective and necessary tool to have. Here are some of the reasons why: Read the rest of this entry »

Flexibility – The Recruiter’s Key to Unlocking More Revenue, Fresh Talent, and Happy Clients

By Veronica Scrimshaw

TBell photoToday’s guest blogger is Tim Bell, President of TFI Resources, a division of People 2.O, which provides employer of record services for contract placements. TFI Resources is an NPAworldwide Alliance Partner.

For sustaining success, independent recruiters must take advantage of the “candidate’s quest for flexibility” trend that is especially popular among the millennial generation (23-34 year-olds), currently the largest segment of the global workforce. Recruiters and employers alike are realizing that flexibility may be the key ingredient to meeting the competitive demand for talent, while also engaging this influential generation. Read the rest of this entry »

Take the Next Step … Into Contract Staffing!

By Veronica Scrimshaw

Judy-Collins-2017-300Today’s blogger is Judy Collins with Evergreen Contract Resources, which becomes the employer of record  with complete back office services.  Judy helps recruiters start and expand their temporary and contract placements throughout the US. Evergreen Contract Resources is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program.

The market place for contract staffing has changed dramatically in the last year. Most direct-hire, retained search or contingency recruiters are now being asked to fill contract positions. Read the rest of this entry »

Split Story: Contract Role Placements Add Up!

By Sarah Freiburger


Temp and contract deals continue to be a source of growing revenue for many members of our split placement network. Even if your firm doesn’t have a dedicated temp division, you can still fill contract roles. While the fee may seem meager compared to a hefty fee on a permanent placement’s yearly salary, the monthly fee for a temp/contract worker adds up, and adds to your bottom line.

Clients have come to rely on recruiters to provide top quality temp/contract candidates that meet their specific needs within a specified time limit – whether due to a merger, a project, or maternity leave. If they really like your candidate, a contract role can also lead to a permanent placement in the long run.

Take for example this recent placement between two Australian firms in the NPAworldwide network – a first placement for both of them!:

After joining the network in September, a new member specializing in white collar permanent recruitment received a request from colleagues about blue collar recruitment.

Instead of giving them the names of other agencies she knew of, she jumped on the phone with a staff member at the network, who referred her to another Australian firm that specialized in blue collar recruitment. She referred this firm to her client, a high-end builder who was needing a carpenter. The firm supplied a Carpenter in an ongoing temporary role with a view to go Permanent. “Without the network I would have simply referred my contacts and not received any income for it,” she said.

Not only did the referring firm branch out into the contract space, the firm who provided the candidate had the new opportunity of supplying into the niche market of high-end home building.

Lots of recruiters rely on contract work only, and some just use it as another tool in their arsenal of recruiting weapons. With a network of recruiters in various specialties and locations, it can make it much easier to add contract placements into your mix.

Q2 Hiring Outlook Indicates Modest Growth

By Veronica Scrimshaw

quarterly hiring outlookManpower Group has released the results of its newest quarterly hiring outlook survey. For the second quarter, modest growth is expected on a global basis, as reported by survey respondents throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA. Year-over-year results are more robust in many locations than quarter-over-quarter comparisons. A few of the most salient points are highlighted below. The full report is available here. Read the rest of this entry »

Before Searching Indeed for a Job

By Dave Nerz

find-job-300In today’s job market, the first thing many job seekers do is start searching Indeed for a job. Some of these jobs are posted by corporate recruiters or HR staff making internal hires, but a significant percentage are posted by independent recruiters seeking candidates for the employers they represent. I recently asked a group of independent recruiters what a job seeker should do before going to Indeed and applying for jobs. Here are the results of those conversations: Read the rest of this entry »

Stay Close with Silver Medal Candidates

By Liz Carey

99A2842DB1When you work on a job order, you probably get a handful of really great candidates among the hundreds of resumes that come in. Ultimately, your client can only pick one to hire. But if you just dump the rest of the candidates once the job order is filled, you may be missing out. As a recruiter, you’re flooded with applications and job orders, but it’s important to make sure those once-top contenders don’t fall through the cracks. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for Writing Better Job Ads

By Veronica Scrimshaw

help-wantedDuring our recent Global Conference, our friends at Monster (an NPAworldwide Alliance Partner) were on hand to discuss best practices in the world of job adverts. Here are some of their top tips and best practices for writing better job ads: Read the rest of this entry »

Think Bigger – Recruit Internationally

By Liz Carey

HH2ZMUI6PODon’t let a state or country border stop you from taking a job order — it’s only a line on a map. If you’ve been telling clients and candidates you only work in one state, or even just one city, think bigger. You might be able to make more money by taking on job orders for your clients’ locations/offices in different countries, and using a recruitment network to help cast a wider net to recruit internationally. Read the rest of this entry »

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