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Membership in the NPAworldwide network of recruiters gives independent recruiters and small firms a way to compete in a global marketplace without sacrificing the unique qualities that distinguish them from larger competitors. Members rely on this global recruiter network to build relationships that result in more effective and efficient service to clients and candidates in their own market. Those relationships translate into enhanced revenue-generating opportunities and increased financial stability. In the process, members make more placements through improved speed, reach, and capacity.

Why do recruitment firms join NPAworldwide?

  • Expanded geographic and/or industry specialization
  • Economical business expansion
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Enhanced service to clients
  • More opportunities for candidates
  • Peer interaction and advice
To explore membership in NPAworldwide, please contact our Director of Membership at +1 616 871-3327 or inquire@npaworldwide.com.

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