How Cross-Border Splits Can Work

by Liz Carey

One of the benefits of an international recruiting network is the ability to work in locales that you couldn’t before, as you can rely on your global partners for help. Many recruiters who work solo or at small firms think they aren’t able to spread their wings due to the fact that all their clients and/or candidates are in one geography, or they don’t have the bandwidth or knowledge to work internationally. But NPA members have found success working globally, as they have network affiliates “on the ground” in another country that understand that country’s laws, regulations, customs, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

International Recruitment Is In Your Reach

by Liz Carey

As a recruiting firm, have you considered working internationally but haven’t “pulled the trigger?” Maybe you’re a solo recruiter with limited resources and don’t think you can take on international recruitment. Or maybe your firm doesn’t want to have to navigate the legalities and regulations of another country. Yes, these can be challenges, but the fastest and easiest way to surmount them is to work with a trading partner who has experience in international recruitment and understands the local laws.

A valuable international recruitment partner will be able to find top talent, screen the candidates, and manage the interview and hiring process. This can save you time and money, and help you satisfy all of your clients’ needs.

Here is an International Recruitment success story that happened recently between two NPAworldwide members: Read the rest of this entry »