Social Media for Recruiters

Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

by Veronica Blatt

It’s rare to encounter a recruiter who doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile, but some users are definitely more skilled and savvy than others. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending a LinkedIn training session with Karen Hollenbach from Think Bespoke. Karen is a firm believer in experimenting with new LinkedIn features as they roll out, and she shared a few that are newer or not well-known. Here are a few features I will be playing around with in the coming days:

  • Featured section – this replaces what had been the old “media” section on a LinkedIn profile. It’s intended for sharing work samples such as blogs or articles you’ve written, media, LinkedIn posts you’ve written or shared, or links to external sites like a personal blog or portfolio.
  • Polls – this is a great way to engage your followers (like clients or candidates!) on a variety of topics. To create a new poll, simply start a new Status Update and select the Create a Poll option. Be sure to enter the poll deadline AND also stay on top of poll responses.
  • LinkedIn Stories – similar to the Stories feature on Instagram, these are short videos or other images that are only available for 24 hours. Stories is only available in the LinkedIn mobile app (and not yet available in all markets). For those who enjoy easy updates, especially short videos, this is a feature worth exploring.
  • Providing Services – this is a newer feature that allows small businesses to showcase services on INDIVIDUAL profiles. If this feature is available for you, you’ll see a box below your profile picture (mobile or desktop) that tells you how to showcase the services you provide. This digital “word of mouth” can be invaluable in promoting your business right through your profile.
  • Events – Use the Events feature to create professional events like meet-ups, seminars, workshops or more. To get started, click the Home icon, then look for the Events section in the left rail below your profile and pages.

Another top tip from Karen: make sure you have a company page as well, and share your company page content on your personal profile. There are some powerful marketing capabilities built in to LinkedIn; make sure you are taking advantage of these promotional opportunities!

Social Recruiting Best Practices

by Liz Carey

Social media platforms can be a valuable tool in a recruiter’s toolbelt, if used wisely. Candidates regularly utilize use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, to find their future employers.

In an article by TalentLyft, it was noted that:

  • 73% of millennials found their last position through a social media site.
    Source: Aberdeen Group
  • Nearly half of all professionals (49%) are following companies on social media with the intent to stay aware of their jobs.
    Source: LinkedIn
  • 62% of job seekers use social media channels to evaluate employer brand of a company.
    Source: CareerArc
  • Job seekers rank social and professional networks as the most useful job search resource compared to job boards, job ads, employee referrals, recruiting agencies, and recruiting events.
    Source: CareerArc

BUT, social recruiting doesn’t simply mean creating a profile and blasting out job orders. Here are some tips on how to effectively use social media in your recruiting efforts:

  1. Share valuable content, not just job orders. Use social media to share industry-relevant articles and blogs. Subscribe to industry publications and share those with a comment of your own. Candidates want useful information, and you won’t be grabbing their attention/likes/follows by spamming their feed with job adverts.
  2. Cater to your audience. Think of it like writing job descriptions, where it’s best to take a different approach depending on whether the job is an executive/c-suite role, or a lower-level role. Tailor your postings to your ideal candidate, and that’s who you will attract. For example, posting articles about changing careers won’t attract the senior-level experienced candidate you need. And using a generic template when you reach out to candidates via social media is sure to be ignored. High quality candidates don’t have time to sift through all the generic messages they get… stay out of the ‘trash’ by making it personalized.
  3. Make it a conversation. It’s not just about posting and getting likes. It’s important to publish things that garner a conversation… and that includes replies from you! If candidates are commenting on your posts but you aren’t replying, you can bet they will come to a halting screech. Build a connection with the candidates, make yourself a real person… not just a ‘brand’.

The more you can engage with your audience via social networks, the easier it will be to build a relationship with top talent. If you become an authority in the industry – frequently posting valuable articles and contributing meaningful comments – it is more likely that candidates will turn to you when they are in the market for their next opportunity.

Recruiters: Especially Now, Be the Adult in the Room

by Dave Nerz

Stress can affect the office or workplace, even when it is virtual, as well as influence relationships with co-workers, subordinates, clients and contacts. Something as far-reaching and serious as Covid-19 has raised the stakes to new levels. So now is the time to consider the seriousness of your role in keeping things positive. I like to say, be the adult in the room! As recruiters, you have an influence on both clients and candidates. They need you to help reflect what can be, rather than fear and worry.

Make some commitments to yourself and perhaps then you can ask others to join you in this effort.

Try to build, rather than shoot down, ideas

Try a “yes and”…or a “yes but” rather than a no. Make sure you ask people who have ideas you would normally attempt to shoot down, to explain their vision. Ask them to model it or or give it a go and report back. Any positive response to support progress should be welcome. As recruiters, you may need to help worried clients or candidates see how others are handling the challenges. Clients can go slow at recruiting talent versus stopping the process, recruiters can coach candidates to say, “Yes, I will interview via a remote but I cannot make a commitment,” to move to a new location until more is known.

Acknowledge mistakes

We all make mistakes, we are not perfect. In fact, maybe now is the best time to share mistakes and learn from them. People will gain faith and be more willing to take risk if we are looking at mistakes as a part of being successful and engaged. Perfection has a cost…avoid making those around you perfectionists…the cost is too high. Help clients learn new skills for interviewing. Do trial video interviews with candidates.

Acknowledge Reality

Smart people know the score. Be open, be realistic, and do not hide from the reality. If your business is untouched by this Covid-19 pandemic, you are truly unique. Talk to the staff and your team about what the challenges are on cash flow, employment, client relationships, etc. They need to know and are likely to have ideas that will support a better outcome if you let them play. Treat them as adults and be adult about the challenges the business faces. Ask clients to be real. You do not want them shading the truth to make you or a candidate feel better, just get it on the table for folks to deal with.

Speak up

No one can read minds. We need to be adults and converse about the good stuff and the bad stuff. If you are a leader, encourage others to join in the discussion and contribute ideas and feelings.

A team, a relationship, a supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so give others a boost up rather than a knock down. Be an adult.

Need More Reviews? How to request (and receive) them with every email…

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Jack Shanes, U.S. Channel Sales Manager of Rocketseed, the first-choice, for over a decade, in email signature marketing and management software. Loved by thousands of marketers and IT professionals across the globe. Rocketseed helps your emails to come to life and allows you to engage with clients, partners, and potential candidates with a more targeted approach to marketing, helping you meet your recruiting goals.

Having the option to update and schedule banners quickly and efficiently allows you to change strategies as often as the trends in the staffing industry change. Reaching the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Reviews matter. They build customer trust, enhance your brand’s reputation, and boost your business’s ranking online. From purchase decisions to search results, reviews bring their own rewards.

Of course, you could just ask outright, in a dedicated email or a customer service phone call. But while it’s direct, doesn’t it seem a bit….pushy? Read the rest of this entry »

Recruitment Marketing – Social Media Stats that will drive your strategy in 2020

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest contribution is from Amanda Davies, a marketing consultant and business coach with Green Umbrella Marketing – a recognized brand known within the recruitment industry for providing social media management services, coaching, design and online marketing strategies.

We are suddenly sprinting towards the end of 2019. As usual it seems, we’re commenting ‘where has this year gone.’ Well, in the blink of an eye it will be 2020. A new year and a new decade. Where will this take your recruitment business?

Hopefully you are ahead of the game and are tuning into your marketing strategy for the next 12 months. What has worked for your recruitment business this year and, as a result, where are you going to show up next year? What’s your focus, which events should you attend, how do you leverage any big brand developments to get candidates flocking to you, and clients knocking on your door with placements?

Measuring recruitment return on investment (ROI) is often a sticking point with marketers. It is incredibly difficult to measure definitive ROI when it comes to marketing. Candidates or clients will rarely choose you as a result of one singular piece of marketing activity. It takes multiple touch points before there is any signing on the dotted line. It’s often better to focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) rather than a direct ROI.

As a result of those multiple touch points you need to ensure your recruitment marketing strategy keeps your business visible in the right places over the coming year. Looking at social media in particular, what have we learned about recruitment marketing over the last 12 months that we should be keeping in mind for our 2020 strategy?


  • Facebook is still the biggest social media platform by far (both in the UK and globally). It has 2.41 billion active users and is the world’s third most visited website after Google and YouTube. (source Hootsuite)
  • Research shows that 74% of Facebook users log in daily, and they spend an average of 38 minutes per day on the platform.
  • In the UK 70% of UK adults have at least one social media account, and 1 in every 5 minutes is spent on social sites. (source Ofcom: Online Nation)
  • Use of Facebook owned platforms WhatsApp and Instagram has grown over the last 12 months with 1.3 billion and 800m users respectively.


  • Over 200 million people visit a least one Instagram business page per day. However, demographics of Instagram users in the UK are heavily in the under 34 age-bracket, with 66% of users falling in this range. (source Statista)
  • It is still one of the most popular and growing social media channels, both in the UK and globally. Use of ‘stories’ is also increasing. This is the 24 ephemeral content that appears at the top of the feed. Use of stories hit over 500 million users daily this year.
  • In fact, behind Facebook, YouTube and messaging platforms – it is the platform accounting for the largest market share. (source Smart Insights)
  • The top 3 reasons people engage with businesses and brands on social media is to ask a question, discuss an issue or to praise the product or service (via Sprout Social)


  • Twitter has 134 million daily active users and is mid-level in terms of its popularity as a social media platform
  • Good for sharing content and up-to-the-minute news, it satisfies our thirst as curious, demanding consumers
  • Twitter has (arguably!) a more mature user demographic with 63% of users between 35-65 years old, with more men than women on the platform. (source Oberlo)
  • Your tweets have short life span so don’t be afraid to repeat yourself or share links to the same content but with different support commentary
  • For larger recruiters it is still a fantastic platform for controlling your brand narrative, responding to comments good or bad and, for any size recruiter, for sharing content and engaging with your audience.


  • LinkedIn is still viewed as the professional social network and is popular with recruiters and job seekers globally. It’s also a valuable place for showcasing skills and sharing content
  • Think of LinkedIn as a search engine, every post and piece of content on it is indexed and is searchable – great for your SEO juice!
  • This year Linked added new features enabling you to post downloadable documents, as well as videos and images to support your posts, make use of this
  • They also added a feature that alerts employees when new company content goes live to drive engagement on these posts
  • LinkedIn has over 610 million users with just under half of these active users. As a platform it is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media (source 99firms)

WhatsApp, Messenger and TikTok

  • TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform. If you have teenagers in your life, you will know it’s hard to extract them from it. It is particularly popular with under 25’s so unless you are marketing to that age demographic, just be aware of TikTok but put it to one side for now. It may become more mainstream in the next 12 months. We have had these conversations before about Facebook and Instagram so keep TikTok on your radar.
  • WhatsApp and Messenger are increasingly popular and acceptable ways of communicating for businesses. Remember you can use desktop platforms for both.
  • You can automate replies and engagement on WhatsApp and Messenger, and both are aiming to increase their B2C footprint.
  • This year WhatsApp enabled businesses to showcase products and services, almost as a catalogue to potential consumers – or in recruitment terms, for candidates.


  • Video is not going anywhere as a means of creating, sharing and digesting content. YouTube is the second largest social media platform behind Facebook
  • In terms of recruitment, video adverts and interviews have shown a 47% increase female applicants
  • Video adverts are shared 5 x more than text-based job ads (both stats via Video My Job)
  • A staggering 9 in 10 internet users visit YouTube every month, spending an average of 27 minutes a day there (source OfCom)
  • Video content does not need to be high-end, or Hollywood budget productions but think about how you can introduce video content to your strategy.

We could write a blog for how to leverage each of the above platforms for your recruitment marketing strategy. There are certainly enough statistic out there to explore. Remember though, that not all platforms will be relevant for your recruitment business so don’t try and manage them all! For example, Pinterest doesn’t feature above but if you were a consumer retail business it might be the perfect platform for you.

Give some serious thought to and document your candidate and client persona. Where do they hang out online? That and keeping in mind the statistics above should form the basis of your recruitment marketing strategy for 2020.

Marketing Strategies for Recruiting Firms

by Sarah Freiburger

Today’s guest blogger is Colin Smith from Loxo. 

Recruiting firms offer a vital service and are constantly in demand, but with so many recruitment companies out there, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. A good practice to have for your firm is a well thought out marketing strategy for client acquisition. Whether you’re running marketing ops yourself, or have a team, it’s good to have an idea of the work involved in building a great marketing strategy for your firm. Marketing agencies can be used to achieve a number of goals such as getting more traffic on your website or getting an article published in a nationwide outlet, but there are plenty of marketing ideas for recruitment firms that you can implement on your own that we cover in this post.

Incremental Client Acquisition

Everyone wants to hire agencies that have worked with big names in your industry of focus, and getting some big names on your client roster can be a huge boost to your agency’s stature. The tricky part, is getting your foot in the door.

To land a contract with a serious player in the industry or industries you serve, you need to follow an incremental client acquisition plan, wherein you leverage client relationships to elevate your stature to a level where best in class companies feel comfortable contracting you.

It can take a while to achieve this goal, so create a long-term plan for landing a big fish and you’ll be on your way, step by step, to reeling them in.

  1. List the most prestigious companies in the industry you serve and the major partners, vendors, contractors and service providers they do business with.
  2. Then, make a list of the runners up (fairly prestigious companies but not top tier) and their major partners, vendors, contractors and service providers.
  3. Finally, make a list of the most prestigious companies companies remaining in the industry you serve and their major partners, vendors, contractors and service providers.

Now that you’ve identified the big fish you want to land, start working your way towards them by leveraging the work you’ve already done in your industry. Even if you’re starting from below the runners up category, there’s no reason that you can’t make your way to the top!

Here are some strategies for marketing staffing companies to increase the prestige of the clients you serve:

  • Explore LinkedIn and other social networks to see if:
    • Your company has worked for companies that provides services to or does business with a target top tier or runner-up company.
    • You, a partners or an employees has a connection to a decision maker within a top tier or runner up company.
  • Leverage past work with clients in the industry you serve in the form of customer satisfaction surveys, case studies and company/recruiter satisfaction ratings, all of which can be used in your pitch to more prestigious companies.
  • Focus on securing the business of companies that are just above the level you are used to working with, not the top companies you want to reach eventually.
  • Prioritize contracts with companies of a similar size/focus as your target companies, to build up a portfolio you can present to target top-tier companies.
  • Work your way up slowly, focus on your ultimate goal and build your stature organically as you take on more prestigious companies and complete more challenging recruitment projects.

Creating Content for your Target Audience

Creating content is a great way to provide value to potential, new and existing clients alike.

Here are some examples of content your recruitment agency can create to make your clients happy and impress potential clients.


The baseline content you create should be resources targeting the industry you serve.

For example, if you primarily hire for companies in the healthcare industry, you could create a white paper like “How to Create Job Descriptions for Nurses” or “How to Assess and Interview Visiting Physicians.”

Even if you don’t have a huge following online, creating resources can be quite helpful to your clients and can be shared through word of mouth if it saves time for them or otherwise provides them with some value.

Sponsored Content

Sponsoring a study, an info-graphic or another valuable asset can be a great way to increase stature in your industry. If you can provide statistics or a study that make it into a major publication or becomes the month’s top shared piece of content, then your agency can be front of mind for the exact companies you want to be in touch with.

For example, if a tech recruitment company was able to publish a study on the growing number of business models that rely on data scientists, companies relying on analytics are likely to see this article and contact them in hopes of connecting with data science talent.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great (and free) marketing tool you can use for marketing staffing firms and

increasing awareness of your agency in the industries you serve.

Through posting, following and engaging, you can build your brand on social media and make your profiles a powerful attractive force for new clients considering your agency.

Brand Building

Social media platforms are a great place to build your brand as a skilled recruitment firm. The following are all great brand building activities that you can conduct on various social platforms.

  • Posting pictures of recruiters hard at work in your office, having fun during team building activities/outings, attending industry meetups, etc.
  • Posting video interviews with your recruiters discussing their favorite part of serving clients in your industry or videos of your recruiters talking with executives about the finer points of hiring in their industry.
  • Sharing relevant content that is on-message with your firm’s focus, and adding your company’s voice to the conversation with the caption or introduction of your post.

Audience Engagement

Unlike other advertising channels, social media gives your audience a platform to interact with your brand and the content you post, so don’t miss your chance to engage with your audience.

  • Replying to comments, mentions, etc. as quickly as possible (social media time is measured in seconds and minutes, not hours and days).
  • Tagging clients and candidates in relevant posts or in pictures taken at industry meetups.
  • Sharing content that’s put out by your clients and give them a shout out.

Content Distribution

Your social media profiles are excellent platforms for marketing for recruitment companies through the content you distribute, allowing you to engage, inform, assist and even entertain potential clients.

  • Posting thought leadership posts on LinkedIn.
  • Sharing newly released industry studies on Facebook.
  • Sharing a video interview with a popular executive or thought leader in your industry on Instagram.
  • Linking to content your agency has co-authored while Live Tweeting a conference where your co-author is speaking.

By marketing your recruitment company using these strategies, you can increase awareness of your agency to start getting more and better clients.

How to Create Your Personal Brand in 2019

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is StemX CEO Dominic Chapman. StemX is a video interviewing platform to make recruiting more efficient, user-friendly and far more convenient, allowing employers to be able to choose from a larger pool of candidates in much less time.

I’ve recently been doing a lot of research on marketing and how recruiters can turn themselves into a personal brand to enable them to be seen by more people, improve trust and ultimately grow their business. I am still finding that a lot of recruiters still take the old school approach to recruitment by picking up the phone and utilising their network. This still works great, but these things aren’t going to disappear. Read the rest of this entry »

How and Why Recruiters Should Optimize Their Websites for Voice Search

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Sam Ajam of Founded in 2006, creates design and marketing buzz that serves the recruiting and staffing industry nationwide. Based in Silicon Valley and run by BizzwithBuzz, Inc, specializes in using the latest graphic design, web marketing tools, and technology to boost your brand’s web presence and outshine the competition. At, they always put the client first. offers top notch customer service, one-on-one consultations, and custom solutions in responsive web design, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), web and interactive marketing, social media branding and content writing solutions.

At BuzzRecruiter, their motto is Connect, Communicate, and Compete – they are committed to helping recruiters connect with clients and top talent, communicate with them through savvy design and marketing communications, and compete to place those top candidates with leading companies in a variety of industries. Recruitment is an active process and they can help you hone your public image for the best results. is proud to serve the NPAworldwide organization and its affiliated members. To learn more, please visit

Optimizing a Website for Voice Search

More web surfers than ever are choosing mobile search, making voice search more important than ever. Here’s why recruiters need it, and how to get started. Read the rest of this entry »

Building Your Online Recruiting Presence

by Veronica Blatt

In recent years, we’ve seen a plethora of brick-and-mortar stores go extinct as more and more shoppers venture online. Toys R Us, J.C. Penney and Brookstone are all recent victims. Even Mattress Firm is considering filing for bankruptcy, according to Reuters. Online mattress startups have people opting for free shipping and no-hassle returns from over going to a physical store and testing mattresses out. Staying competitive requires companies to ramp up their online presence, from the retailer’s website to it’s social media platforms. This is not only true for retailers, but for recruiters too. Just like you research clients and candidates, they will be scouting out your online recruiting presence, as well.

Many recruiters consider themselves “old school” – still doing things as they did them 10, 20, 30 years ago. And while nothing can ever replace meeting a candidate face-to-face, or weekly phone calls with your clients, it’s important to keep up with the times and trends… especially when it comes to you and your firm’s online presence. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Benefits to Social Media for Recruiters

by Veronica Blatt

I recently read an article pondering whether social media for recruiters actually works. (Full disclosure: the author is an NPAworldwide member.) The premise is that perhaps the “social” aspect of social media has been lost, with many people focused more on “likes” than on meaningful personal interactions. I don’t disagree with that, but I do feel strongly that social media is an important tool for recruiters. A long time ago, I recall a webinar about social media that said simple/low-cost transactions are much easier to convert online than complex/expensive transactions. Read the rest of this entry »