Ghosting by Candidates, Employers and Recruiters

by Dave Nerz

Ghosting is a larger problem today than ever before. Indeed took a survey of job seekers and there are some alarming trends that have developed. Over the last year, ghosting by candidates increased, from about 18% saying they had ghosted in 2019 to nearly 30% participating in ghosting in 2020. Wow. Read the rest of this entry »

“Ghost”-busting in Recruiting and in Life

by Liz Carey

After 3 out of 7 candidates flaked out interviews (that were booked AND confirmed prior) in one day, a recruiter connection of mine took to LinkedIn to pose the question, “are we as a society becoming flakier?”

Recruiters and employers are well-aware of the phenomenon of candidate “ghosting” — in fact, according to Indeed, 83% of employers have reported experiencing it.  But this recruiter lamented how it’s increasingly becoming more and more common… not just in recruitment, but even with work, friends and family, ghosting has become the norm. “Why do we as a society find it so hard to commit to the plans we make?” he asked. Read the rest of this entry »

A Recruiter-Candidate Relationship Ends ‘Ghosting’

by Dave Nerz

Job candidates are ‘ghosting’ employers and independent recruiters with increasing frequency. If this is a new word for you, the Urban Dictionary defines ‘ghosting’ as cutting off all communication with zero warning. If you have had a no-show for a call, no response to a text or email, or a recruit/hire that walked off the job or never showed up for the first day of work…you have been ghosted!

It is both a surprise and a baffler for HR and independent recruitment professionals. Much of this phenomenon can be attributed to demographics. There are too many job openings when compared to the number of available top-tier candidates. The power has shifted from the employer and independent recruiter to the candidates. These no-show situations are happening in all types of industries from very entry-level positions to much more significant responsibilities within a business. Candidates have multiple offers and are receiving great counteroffers by the employers they are leaving. Some candidates just decide to stay at the 11th hour. Read the rest of this entry »

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