On the Move … with Temp and Contract Placements

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s blogger is Judy Collins with Evergreen Contract Resources, which becomes the employer of record  with complete back office services.  Judy helps recruiters start and expand their temp and contract placements throughout the US. Evergreen Contract Resources is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program.

We are witnessing a growing shift in the labor market, largely brought about by the response of the marketplace to the Covid-19 virus. Where and how people work and where they live are key issues driving a migration from large metro areas. Having been exposed to the benefits of remote work, whether due to social distancing requirements or by choice, many workers are relocating away from the large cities and heading to the suburbs, rural areas, and smaller towns. Collateral benefits of this migration often include improved quality of life, lower taxes, better schools, and a less stressful existence. This fluid situation requires the staffing industry to be flexible in how we adapt to these changes. Read the rest of this entry »

FAQs about Payroll for Contract Recruiters

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Art Boyle, VP of Risk Management, and Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) of People 2.0’s Global Search and Recruiting Support Division. People 2.0 is a global provider of employer of record, agent of record,  and back-office services for recruiting and staffing firms. People 2.0 is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program.

Contract recruiting is having a moment. With around a third of US employment having already shifted to contingent roles, the need for contract recruiters has never been higher. The current global climate has accelerated the rate of change, with employers seeking even more flexibility.

If you’ve been thinking about adding contract recruiting to your business or even starting your own contract recruiting firm, now is a good time. Before you get started, though, you’ll want to do your research. Read the rest of this entry »

Are Contract Placements for Me?

by Liz Carey

Despite a volatile economy and many companies putting job orders on hold, some members of our split placement network are reporting that their clients are increasingly asking for contract workers.

Contract placements continue to be a source of growing revenue for many NPAworldwide members who are looking for dependable residual income. Even if your firm doesn’t have a dedicated temp/contract division, you can still fill contract roles. At first glace, you might think the smaller fees are not worth it, compared to a hefty fee on a permanent placement’s yearly salary, but monthly fees for a contract worker can quickly add up, and adds to your bottom line.

Clients have come to rely on recruiters to provide top quality temp/contract candidates that meet their specific needs within a specified time limit – whether due to a merger, a project, or maternity leave. If they really like your candidate, a contract role can also lead to a permanent placement in the long run.

Contract roles are a win-win-win for clients, candidates and recruiters. For your clients, contract staffing is cost-effective: they can eliminate many salary and benefits expenses and do not create a long-term financial commitment. For recruiters, and can also be cost-effective in terms of the amount of time spent on a hire, as the hiring process for contract employees is typically a lot quicker than permanent / direct hires. For candidates, there is often less competition, a higher rate of pay for skilled workers, and flexibility in terms of time off, hours worked, and duties performed.

And contract hiring isn’t just a workaround for full-time hiring freezes due to a down economy because of the pandemic. Contract staffing can help with rapid growth or expansion, or help with large projects or seasonal needs.

Recruiters who want to get into contracting often ask two things:

  1. How would I handle payroll, onboarding, background checks, etc.? – There are third-party organizations out there that provide back-office support and/or can be your Employer of Record. NPAworldwide has several industry partners, such as Evergreen Contract Resources and People 2.0, that can help so you aren’t burdened by back office demands.
  2. How can I get contracting job orders? The best place to start is to simply ask your current direct hire clients if they have contractor needs or a deadline/special project that needs to be completed. Ask if they have a hiring freeze that is prohibiting them from hiring someone. There is always work that needs to be done, and you can offer them a solution because contractors often come from a separate budget, so you can workaround that hiring freeze.

Working contract job orders doesn’t need to be complicated, and in today’s climate, it can provide you with a stable residual income. The return on a small investment of time and energy can be huge.

Permanent Establishment Risk: How to Protect Your Organization When Operating Abroad

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Pierce Brehm with SafeGuard Global. For nearly a decade, organizations around the world have relied on SafeGuard Global for their global HR needs, specifically around payroll and employee compliance. SafeGuard Global is an Endorsed Program sponsor of NPAworldwide. The post below gives practical advice to follow during a global crisis.

Global business expansion is on the rise, with an estimated $7 trillion to $9 trillion in global trade being attributed to multinationals.

With such a substantial amount of taxable revenue, it’s no wonder foreign governments are eager to apply their corporate tax laws to companies operating within their borders.

That’s where the concept of permanent establishment (PE) risk comes into play—and why it’s so important for companies operating in foreign countries to be aware of and understand the risk. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Panic … With Temp and Contract Placements!

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s blogger is Judy Collins with Evergreen Contract Resources, which becomes the employer of record  with complete back office services.  Judy helps recruiters start and expand their temporary and contract placements throughout the US. Evergreen Contract Resources is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program.

Natural, and man-made, disasters can strike at any time. We know from the Boy Scouts’ motto that we should “Be Prepared.” The current crisis brought about by the COVID-19 virus demonstrates the wisdom of this advice. Sadly, we now realize that our preparedness for this biological disaster was lacking and we find ourselves in reaction mode, struggling to keep our businesses and daily lives going in the face of ever-mounting upsets and challenges. We must stay calm and carry on.

Businesses will strive to operate in the face of these challenges. With revenues down they will face serious cash flow problems and the very survival of many businesses may be jeopardized. Cost cutting is likely to be brutal. Ramifications of the expected paring down may include reduction in direct hire staff through layoffs, furloughs, or perhaps a sharp reduction in hours worked. Where possible many workers may be asked to work from home to help maintain the “social distancing” mandated by health authorities.

Don’t Panic. Americans are fighters! We can expect our business owners and entrepreneurs to use their ingenuity to stay in business if humanly possible. And people want and need to work. To reduce their costs and minimize their risks many businesses may re-hire laid off workers on a contract basis until the economy fully recovers. Use of contract workers will allow businesses to adjust quickly to the present situation. Overall labor costs and benefits burdens can be reduced and the risk of maintaining direct hire staff in the face of uncertainty minimized. This has serious implications for the recruiting industry’s direct hire placement fees and may lead to a significant spike in the use of contract workers.

What to do? As a recruiter, you can be prepared for the scenario which is likely unfolding before our very eyes. You can respond in a manner that ensures continuity of service to your clients in the face of calamity. Letting your clients know that you have a thought-out means of helping them ride out or recover from the present situation will increase their confidence in your ability to serve their needs. Partnering with a back-office provider can equip you with the ability to fill your client’s labor needs with contract workers. Get set up now so that you can move swiftly and stay ahead of the crowd. As the economy improves and confidence rises, these contract workers may possibly be hired direct, in which case you can earn a conversion fee.

Prepare yourself now by having an agreement in place which includes temp and contract as well as temp-to-hire options as a supplement to your direct hire offerings. With a back-office provider such as Evergreen, you can be ready to provide these services immediately…if you are set up in advance.

We are here to help the nation weather this crisis. Call Evergreen Contract Resources today and we will set you up. No cost. No obligation. Use us when you need us, so you DON’T PANIC…WITH TEMP AND CONTRACT PLACEMENTS!

Primary Risk Areas to Consider When Starting a Contract-Placement Business

by Veronica Blatt

image of contract staffing employeesToday’s guest blog is a post from People 2.0, a leading provider of back-office solutions for staffing and recruiting organizations, nationally and globally. They offer a variety of support services, including payrolling, payroll funding, risk management, etc., and serve as a strategic resource in helping you efficiently and profitably place talent. People 2.0 is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program.

Every business endeavor entails risks, and contract staffing is no exception. When compared with permanent placement, the compliance and liability risks of contract staffing can be daunting for a firm without a comprehensive resource for dealing with these risks. But with the right resources and advance planning, these risks shouldn’t keep a staffing or recruiting firm owner from taking advantage of the revenue potential of contract staffing. Primary areas of risk every staffing or recruiting firm need to consider when doing contract placements include the following: Read the rest of this entry »

Why Work Contract Placements?

by Liz Carey

The recruiting industry is ever-changing, and one trend we have seen is direct placement recruiters starting to accept and work temp/contract roles, so much so that NPAworldwide has created a contract placement specialty group to bring similar members, positions and opportunities together with the goal of more success and placements together.

Some longtime direct hire recruiters think contract roles aren’t worth it because they don’t get one big lump fee like they would with a direct hire. But, they need to consider the benefit of additional revenue (weekly/monthly payments add up, and add to your bottom line!) and the ability to service all of your clients’ needs, both direct and contracting, will likely lead to more work for you.  Read the rest of this entry »

Flexibility – The Recruiter’s Key to Unlocking More Revenue, Fresh Talent, and Happy Clients

by Veronica Blatt

TBell photoToday’s guest blogger is Tim Bell, President of TFI Resources, a division of People 2.O, which provides employer of record services for contract placements. TFI Resources is an NPAworldwide Alliance Partner.

For sustaining success, independent recruiters must take advantage of the “candidate’s quest for flexibility” trend that is especially popular among the millennial generation (23-34 year-olds), currently the largest segment of the global workforce. Recruiters and employers alike are realizing that flexibility may be the key ingredient to meeting the competitive demand for talent, while also engaging this influential generation. Read the rest of this entry »

Take the Next Step … Into Contract Staffing!

by Veronica Blatt

Judy-Collins-2017-300Today’s blogger is Judy Collins with Evergreen Contract Resources, which becomes the employer of record  with complete back office services.  Judy helps recruiters start and expand their temporary and contract placements throughout the US. Evergreen Contract Resources is an NPAworldwide Endorsed Program.

The market place for contract staffing has changed dramatically in the last year. Most direct-hire, retained search or contingency recruiters are now being asked to fill contract positions. Read the rest of this entry »

Are You Ready to Respond to the End of Employees?

by Veronica Blatt

A West headshotToday’s guest blogger is Amy West, senior business development consultant with TFI Resources, a Division of People 2.O, a North American Alliance Partner of NPAworldwide. TFI Resources provides employer of record services for contract placements.

If projections from The Wall Street Journal ring true, recruiters will continue to face an increased demand for contract placements. The WSJ article published February 2, 2017 explains: “Never before have American companies tried so hard to employ so few people. The outsourcing wave that moved apparel-making jobs to China and call-center operations to India is now just as likely to happen inside companies across the U.S. and in almost every industry.” Read the rest of this entry »