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by Dave Nerz

image of man using mobile recruiter websitesNPA is a global recruitment network. We frequently survey our members for insight into the recruitment business from a practical perspective. This month we asked our member firms about their preparations and actions regarding mobile recruiter websites. The results reported by those responding to our survey of 400 member locations:

  • 37% currently have a mobile-compatible web presence
  • 50% of those that do not have mobile-compatible sites will have that addressed within about 12 months
  • That means in 2 years, about 30% of recruitment sites will still not be mobile-compatible

Things to note: Since NPA is a recruitment network, some members do not seek direct relationships with candidates. They have other member firms working the “candidate side” of recruiting on their behalf. Still others are what NPA calls pure “exporters” and of that collection of members, some do true “headhunting” and do not look for candidates to find them.

So, for your recruitment business, does it make a difference if your focus is on candidates versus clients? Does your audience make a difference in your approach to “mobilize” or not?

Here are some facts that point strongly toward a need to engage candidates with mobile recruiting:

Do employers want to have a mobile connection to you as a recruiter also? Do they search for new recruitment relationship via mobile services too?

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Global Recruiting Agencies in a Mobile Recruiting World

by Dave Nerz

As if the pace of change and demands of a talent short market are not enough, global recruiting agencies must now add integration of mobile recruiting to their project list. My advice is that we all get busy doing this because as the infographic from Hirerabbit shows below, mobile recruiting is a growing trend and it will impact access to candidates. I hope the data you find in this infographic gets you thinking about the importance of a mobile strategy for your independent recruiting agency.  Let me know what you think by posting a comment or sharing this with your fellow recruiters.

Mobile Recruiting Infographic

Mobile Recruiting: Which is better, an app or a mobile website?

by Veronica Blatt

cell phone with appsAs mobile usage continues to increase, employers and recruiters continue to lag in developing good mobile recruiting strategies. If you haven’t heard this message before, you MUST make it easy for job seekers to interact with your recruiting firm via their mobile device. You must. If you aren’t sure what this means, take out your mobile device right now, and look at your company’s website on it. If you can’t effectively use it on your mobile device without pinching, stretching, scrolling, or typing excessively, you do NOT have a mobile-friendly site. If it is hard (or impossible) for job seekers to visit your site, apply for a job, or share your content from their mobile device, they will stop coming back. If I sound a little bit alarmist, good. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Ways Global Recruiters Alienate Job Seekers on the Web

by Veronica Blatt

angry guy holding cell phoneToday, I am on a rant. I have had it up to *here* with websites that don’t function effectively on a mobile device. Turns out I’m not alone. Job seekers have had it, too. Global recruiters simply MUST do a better job creating mobile-optimized websites that are friendly to job seekers.

Job seekers are increasingly using mobile devices as their primary, if not ONLY, means of accessing the internet. The mobile web is different. Job seekers will NOT use your site if it’s too hard to do on their handheld device. Global recruiters who respond, NOW, with a great mobile experience for job seekers will be way ahead of their competitors and clients.

What do I mean by a “mobilized” website? Simply put, a site that fits correctly on the screen of a mobile device and does not require a user to *work* in order to use the site. Whether you build a separate mobile site, a mobile app, or a responsively-designed website, you simply cannot afford to ignore mobile devices any longer. Still not sure what I mean? Look at our website, on a desktop browser. You’ll see a left-to-right orientation, lots of images, sidebar menus, etc. Now load our site on your mobile device. The site automatically adjusts to accommodate the size of your device. The dynamic, pop-up menu goes away in favor of a simplified, larger, text-based menu. Sidebar menus go away or become part of the main text area. It’s a completely different experience because the mobile user demands a completely different experience.

Here are 5 things about global recruiters’ websites that drive job seekers batty:

  1. Enough with the pinching and zooming already. Have you tried to use your firm’s website on a mobile device? If visitors have to pinch, zoom, and scroll to see the whole site and use its features, you should assume they won’t come back. Savvy global recruiters will invest in a responsively-designed site that makes it easy for visitors to find and share content.
  2. Drop-down menus. Are you SERIOUS? Drop-down menus are a nightmare on a mobile platform. Get rid of them in your mobile installation and job seekers will be more likely to return.
  3. Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, hyperlinks. If users can’t see or click on hyperlinks without pinching and zooming (see #1 above), they will leave your site in favor of global recruiters who don’t inflict this torture on their site visitors.
  4. Limited functionality across a range of devices. Your site is optimized for the iPhone 5 and the newest Samsung tablet? Give yourself 10 points! But deduct 10 points for each type of older device that you forgot. While the news reports might make it seem like *everyone* is clamoring to buy the newest handheld gadget, that’s simply not true. There are literally millions of fully-functional older devices still in use. Forget about them and you’re guaranteed to alienate those job seekers.
  5. Long application forms. Filling out forms on a mobile device is painfully slow and difficult. Don’t ask job seekers to do this. While you’re at it, eliminate the requirement to create an account to use your site.

Have you found a great mobile recruiting site? Share it in the comments!

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