Mastering Videoconferencing Lighting: A Guide for Recruiters and Job Seekers

by Veronica Blatt

image of a man in front of a laptop with poor lightingIn the dynamic world of professional recruitment, how you present yourself can be the difference between landing that coveted opportunity or being passed over. Today, we’re focusing on a vital yet often overlooked aspect of your digital presentation – lighting.

The Impact of Lighting on Videoconferencing

What makes one video call visually appealing and another less so? The answer is simple, yet profound – lighting. Proper lighting not only enhances your on-camera appearance but also projects an image of professionalism and attention to detail. It’s not about vanity; it’s about visibility. Read the rest of this entry »

No More Ghoulish Videoconferences

by Veronica Blatt

It’s Halloween this week and let’s face it, we have all sat through some pretty frightening videoconferences. From run-of-the-mill technical difficulties to barking dogs and other interruptions, I think it’s fair to say everyone has had at least one not-so-great experience. While some things will always be outside your control, there *are* things you can do to improve your participation on videoconferences. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for a Great Webcam Interview

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Anthony McCormack, founding consultant, managing director and entrepreneur behind Macstaff with offices in Bristol and Abergavenny, United Kingdom. Macstaff is a high impact recruitment consultancy majoring on right-fit permanent placements in construction, property, manufacturing and engineering sectors in UK & Internationally. Macstaff joined NPAworldwide in 2019. Anthony offers tips for a successful webcam interview in the post below, which originally appeared here.

Being interviewed on a webcam or video conference may save you traveling costs but there are still plenty of things that you need to get right to give yourself the very best chance of being successful on the day.

So you have secured an interview, presumably for a company and job role you find attractive.

Then you discover the interview is going to be in a video conference or webcam format. Read the rest of this entry »

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Video

by Veronica Blatt

competitive-advantageToday’s guest blogger is Alison Pruett, Marketing Manager of InterviewStream – the pioneer in online video interviewing. Since 2003, InterviewStream (an NPAworldwide Alliance Partner) has helped companies generate great candidate experiences and remarkable returns through Web-based video screening, interviewing and preparation. InterviewStream provides a best-practice-based approach and a flexible adoption model that works with customers’ unique needs and business goals to achieve breakthrough results. Clients rely on InterviewStream for the perfect combination of proven value and endless possibility.

The world of staffing will always be highly competitive. Staffing firms and RPOs must compete with each other to find the best talent, and talent acquisition professionals must always effectively sell their candidates to hiring managers. Firms, at their most basic level, must fight each other to get as many placements as possible to increase revenue and grow their brand. Read the rest of this entry »

Video Interviews are a beneficial tool to use in your recruitment process

by Veronica Blatt

image of recruiter conducting a video interviewToday’s guest blogger is Anne Downing with Demetrio & Associates, LLC located in greater Phoenix, Arizona. Demetrio & Associates is a boutique recruitment firm that has clients across the US as well as in international locations. The firm places candidates in sales & marketing, advertising, wireless and software positions. Anne is currently serving on NPA’s Board of Directors.

Are you using video interviews to interview your candidates before your submit them to your clients? If not, you should be. Several years ago, most of us started using Skype and other similar video conference tools to communicate with candidates. Today many recruiters are using “video interviews” as part of their recruitment process. Video interviews are very useful for those of us who have client and candidates in numerous locations. We can’t always meet our candidates in person, so video interviews are the next best thing. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Reasons You Should Use Video Interviews

by Veronica Blatt

image of recruiter conducting a video interviewI’ll admit I’ve been skeptical about the use of video interviews. Webcam technology isn’t always reliable and services like Skype have their limitations as well. One thing I hadn’t considered though, is the use of pre-recorded video “interviews” as an alternative to phone screening. I recently listened to a webinar on this topic, and I’ve changed my way of thinking.

Here are 5 reasons every recruiter should be using pre-recorded video interviews:

Save time.  With a pre-recorded option, you’ll record a single outbound video message that is sent to all candidates. Some reports indicate that recruiters can conduct up to ten video interviews in the same time as a single phone screen.

Level the playing field. By using video technology, you’ll ensure that all candidates are asked the same questions, in the same way. Pre-recorded video interviews can make the process much more objective based on how each person answers a question. You’ll have better data based on answers as opposed to instinct or a personal connection with the candidate.

Eliminate scheduling nightmares. Candidates record their answers on their own time and return them to you. No more phone tag, no more scheduling phone screens at night or on the weekend. No more candidates using up sick time or vacation time.

Better collaboration. Video responses can be shared all at once with the entire hiring team. Since everyone has the benefit of the same objective data (the video interviews), you’ll get better feedback from other stakeholders.

Weed out candidates who are “shopping.” Casual candidates who are aren’t seriously looking for a career opportunity won’t respond. This means you won’t waste time talking to those candidates, or worse, present them to your client.

Are you using pre-recorded video interviews in your recruiting firm? Why or why not?

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Recruitment Agencies Can Save Time with Video Interviews

by Dave Nerz

image of recruiter conducting a video interviewEmployers and recruiters alike are using web-based job video interviews to screen candidates for employment or to make hiring decisions. While this is not new, it seems that many recruitment agencies are not keeping up with this trend. There are many great tools out there that help facilitate these interviews ranging from Skype, a generic video chat tool, to InterviewStream or HireVue products made specifically for employers and recruitment agencies.

As with many new technology trends, the use of these tools was at first most prevalent with the high-tech companies and those with large global hiring needs. Global recruiters and recruitment agency networks were also early adopters of the video interview concept. These tools allow hiring managers to view the video interview and create a short-list for fellow managers to offer feedback. The ability for each manager to see the same questions, presented identically and then responded to by each candidate, is a great leveler of the playing field. For the employer, video interviewing can save time and expenses, by reducing travel costs and the time for meetings and interview sessions. For recruiting agencies it can save much monotony and vast quantities of time.

Our global recruiter network has been searching for a new service provider in Australia, so I figured I would give the video interview a go. I used the InterviewStream product for RolePlays and it was quite simple, fairly intuitive and while not a huge time saver for me, it saved much time for the candidates and for those I wanted to engage in my selection process. I did a more typical phone screen followed by just 3 simple questions to each of my four finalists. Their answers were recorded and it allowed me to share these recordings with two Regional Directors that would otherwise just have to go with my best judgment. It also allowed me a second benchmark to follow-up on my initial phone screen. The results were not altered by the video addition, but it did offer me greater confidence in the decisions I had made.

If you are a global recruiter, I really don’t know why you wouldn’t experiment with the use of video. Those annoying 20-minute interruptions from potential candidates on the phone could go like this…”I’m interested in your abilities. I place candidates like you in good jobs frequently and would like to learn more about what makes you unique and able to be placed with my employers. Would you mind taking 10 minutes to provide me some background on you? I will send you a link and you can respond to my video-recorded questions with the specifics appropriate to you. Since the interview allows for you to redo any answer you feel you got started incorrectly, this allows you to put your best foot forward from the start. Once I have reviewed your responses, I can tell you if you are a good fit for my practice.” Positive for you and positive for the candidate. Since candidates will need to have better skills in this area in the years ahead, you are likely helping that candidate prepare for the way the world might work.

Tell me why you wouldn’t use video or what concerns you about the use of video by recruitment agencies?

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Starting a Recruiting Agency: 6 Reasons Video Interviewing is Not Used

by Dave Nerz

image of recruiter conducting a video interviewIf you are starting a recruiting agency today, there is something new that needs to be a part of your plan: video interviewing. A recent study cited 80% of employers with more than 10,000 employees have used video interviewing to hire employees or screen candidates. Even small employers are now using video and agency recruiters best be aware of this trend. In the future, employers may ask for video resumes or expect a video screen be done on each candidate. Face-to-face is great, but the time and cost associated with face-to-face is astronomical when compared to the speed and low cost of video.

Here are some excuses I have heard used for not using or considering video as a part of the strategy when starting a recruiting agency:

  1. Not Aware – Some firms just did not consider video as they planned their agency because they were unaware of the trend and the technology.
  2. Don’t See Value – Many agency recruiters don’t see value and believe face-to-face or phone is better to enough.
  3. Concern About Legal Implications – Some starting a recruiting agency are concerned about the eventual legal implications of video interviewing.
  4. Cost – Some agency recruiting firms are of the opinion that video interviewing is expensive.
  5. Unwilling to Change Process – Many have never used video and are unwilling to make a change in process.
  6. Unaware of Savings/Success – The time and cost savings, the speed to screen, and the quality of hire can all improve but many starting a recruiting agency are not yet tuned into the potential.

These are good reasons, but now that you have read about the trends, the savings, the potential effectiveness there really is no good excuse. It is pretty simple and low cost to try. NPA has a partnership with InterviewStream but there are many good providers and even some low-cost options that connect with Skype or iPhone.

Let me know if you have clients using video or refusing to use video. I see this as a game-changer for agency recruiters because you can do a basic phone screen in way less time and it can be shared with your client when necessary. Maybe you see it differently?

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