How to Win in Recruiting

by Veronica Blatt

The National Hockey League playoffs start today, and it got me thinking how hockey recruiting and executive recruiting is similar. Just as hockey recruiters have lots to assess besides how a player can shoot the puck, executive recruiters have to look beyond job titles and resume bullet points to make sure their candidate will be a fit at their client company.

Here’s a few quotes from college hockey coaches from this article on What Coaches Want in Recruiting, and how they can be applied to the executive recruiting world. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Get Into Global Recruiting

by Liz Carey

Want to Recruit Globally? All you have to do is ask!

In the recruiting world, many recruiters say they only work one city, state, or region. They may have a set group of clients they work with in that area, but could be losing business without even knowing it. If you have a multinational client, or a large business you work with that is headquartered in your area but may have satellite office elsewhere, you should try to win their job reqs outside of your geography. You may not have candidates in that area, but it is quite possible you know someone, or can find someone, who does! Global recruiting can soon be in your wheelhouse. Read the rest of this entry »

Behind the Scenes of a Global Recruitment Network

by Sarah Freiburger

hands and wrenchesAs the Director of Membership at NPAworldwide, a recruitment network, I am often asked this question: So who runs this network? As a network that is member-owned and run, this is a multitiered question at best, and does not apply to every online network that you may find. However, here is the breakdown of what is happening behind the scenes at our specific split-placement network. Read the rest of this entry »

Develop an International Recruiting Mindset

by Veronica Blatt

globe with business peopleI came across an article on titled Recruiting Internationally? Think Local, which resonated with me in many ways. One of the most compelling points was the idea that so many recruiters think differently about international recruiting as compared to local recruiting. It seems that many recruiters somehow think the recruiting PROCESS is different because the geography is different. While there are legitimate reasons why international recruiting may be more difficult than local recruiting, I don’t believe it’s because the process is wildly different. Read the rest of this entry »

International Recruiters: Social Media Use in Asia Pacific

by Terri Piersma

Recently, NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network conducted a member-owner meeting in Beijing. International recruiters attended the meeting from not only many countries in Asia but also from Australia and North America. The meeting agenda consisted of a combination of business, networking, and sightseeing opportunities.

While this meeting involved face-to-face communication, international recruiters must often communicate with clients and candidates via the telephone or online including through social media. How effective is social media usage in Asia Pacific? In March 2012, Alexander Mann Solutions and Chapman Consulting Group conducted an online survey of Asia Pacific recruiters regarding the impact of social media. Read on to learn about key findings: Read the rest of this entry »

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