Split Placements

How to Break Into a Recruiting Network

by Liz Carey

Joining a recruiting network can open up so many doors of opportunity. Recruiters come into a recruitment network to expand their reach, build their revenues, and to better serve clients and candidates. But for new members, it can be intimidating to jump in – How do I build relationships with these longtime members who all know each other and already work with each other? How long will it take to get my first split placement? Where do I start? Read the rest of this entry »

4 Ways to be a Better Split Placement Partner

by Sarah Freiburger

interview tipsAs more independent recruiters are realizing the value of balancing their desk with completing split placements with other recruiters, please keep top of mind these tips and ideas for how to be more effective split placement partners. These ideas are valuable whether you make splits within a formal network or on your own, and come from our network of 500+ firms that make splits routinely. Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of NPAworldwide’s Recruitment Partnerships • Geographic and Niche Based

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Henry Goldbeck, of Goldbeck Recruiting. Goldbeck Recruiting is a recruitment and executive search firm located in Vancouver, BC. As true employment consultants, they bridge industry expertise and headhunting excellence with human resource support throughout the hiring process to improve the success of a new recruit.

Since 1997, they have filled challenging positions in industries and expertise areas like sales, engineering, biotech, accounting & finance, manufacturing & operations and the non profit sector.

Cross-regional recruitment partnerships, and indeed cross-sector and cross-specialty partnerships, represent a huge benefit that the NPAworldwide network provides to member firms, clients and candidates. While it’s true that sharing the workload also means sharing the fee, it’s also the case that such alliances can lead to otherwise unachievable recruiting victories, to the satisfaction of the client and the long-term benefit of your bottom line. Read the rest of this entry »

Elements of a Good Recruiter Split Fee Agreement

by Veronica Blatt

Whether you’re new to splits or have many years of experience, a good recruiter split fee agreement can help you avoid disputes with your trading partner. What are some of the elements to incorporate in your agreement?

First, make sure you HAVE a signed, written agreement. Read the rest of this entry »

Difference With a Personal Recruitment Network

by Sarah Freiburger

Recruiting networks can be formal or informal. There are many different business models that are successful. Some recruiters are drawn to a transactional model, where the focus is on the placement, not necessarily on a long-term partnership. Other networks, like NPAworldwide, are relationship-based. While our members are certainly focused on making placements, they are vested in their network as member-owners of our cooperative structure. They spend time cultivating relationships. Read the rest of this entry »

Adding Split Placements in 2021

by Veronica Blatt

Adding split placements to your business mix is always worth considering. As the economy and recruitment both continue to recover, next year may be an even better-than-normal time to consider splits. There is pent-up demand for hiring and employers will be eager to get their open roles filled quickly. Splits can give you access to a wider candidate pool, increasing the odds of getting the right candidate in front of your client—before your competition does.

Here are a few ways that adding split placements can benefit your recruitment firm: Read the rest of this entry »

NPAworldwide Placement Activity YTD

by Veronica Blatt

NPAworldwide placement activity has remained consistent throughout the pandemic. Members continue to rely on each other for split placements and they are finding pockets of activity around the globe, in multiple industry sectors. Here are some notable items through the end of the third quarter: Read the rest of this entry »

Recruiters Not Responding To You?

by Sarah Freiburger

An independent recruiter is someone who is hired by an employer to find a candidate for a specific job and who does not work in-house for an employer, but for themselves as an independent contractor that several companies hire to find their new hires. One of the most frequent complaints I hear or read about recruiters is that they do not return candidates’ telephone calls. If you are a candidate who has attempted to reach out or contact an independent recruitment firm, keep reading because my post today focuses on three reasons why independent recruiters don’t return candidates’ calls and three ways to try and get a response.  Read the rest of this entry »

Now Is the Time for Collaboration Between Recruiters

by Veronica Blatt

It’s no secret that the recruiting landscape has changed dramatically with the pandemic — and not in a good way. With fillable jobs in short supply, collaboration between recruiters can help determine which agencies survive and which are forced to shutter. If you’ve been open to splits in the past but have relied on them less frequently in the recent strong market, have shied away from splits altogether or have embraced them in your business, there’s good reason to increase that activity now. Read the rest of this entry »

Should I Start A Recruitment Agency During A Pandemic?

by Sarah Freiburger

As this unprecedented pandemic continues to make it’s mark on the world and various industries, one of the emerging layoffs that seem to be happening is internal and corporate recruiters. Each day various social media groups include postings of these laid off recruiters searching for their next opportunity or wanting to be hired by others. A question you should be asking yourself if you are in this position might be, whose name do I want to end up seeing at the top of a client check? Read the rest of this entry »

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