Use Your Phone More – It’s a Great Recruitment Tool!

by Veronica Blatt

image of business telephoneWe had some terrific speakers at our recent Global Conference in Long Beach, California. Scott Wintrip, Mark Tortorici, and Jenifer Lambert all delivered top-notch tips and advice and were well-received by our members. I walked away with several “a-ha” moments from each speaker, but something Jenifer said really spoke to me. Jenifer is the chief revenue officer for TERRA Staffing Group, a large organization in the US Pacific Northwest. I value her perspective as a speaker because she is running a successful recruitment/staffing firm every day, including hiring, training and managing staff. Jenifer stressed the importance of using the right recruitment tool at the right point in the process, particular as it relates to communication. Her advice about which medium to use, and when: Read the rest of this entry »

5 Great Tools for Global Recruiters

by Veronica Blatt

Global recruiters can face special challenges when trying to coordinate recruiting and interviewing activities across multiple time zones. Here are 5 great tools that can save you time and money:

World Clock Meeting Planner – has a variety of great options, but global recruiters will benefit from the Meeting Planner tool. It’s a super-easy way to figure out what time it is in Sydney when it’s 4PM in Edinburgh, for example. Other tools provided include calendars, daylight saving information, and an event announcer. Not a week goes by that I don’t use this site for SOMETHING.

International Telephone Dialing – If you can’t remember which numbers go in front of the phone number (is it 1? or 011?), is the perfect tool for you. Enter the country you are in, and the country you are trying to call and the site will show you the correct international code along with the country code for that country.

Skype – Most people who are making a lot of international calls have probably already figured out that Skype is a good option for this. With free audio and/or video calls from computer to computer, plus affordable international calls to/from landlines, Skype remains an industry leader.

Whatsapp – Whatsapp is a mobile app that provides free international text messaging including audio and media messaging, plus group chats. It’s faster than email and simpler than Skype when time is critical. Whatsapp uses your existing Internet data package and is cross-platform compatible.

Recruiter Relocation – Recruiter Relocation is a free service to recruiters that provides cost-of-living information, immigration assistance, and relocation assistance for candidates. It’s tricky enough to convince a candidate to move from one state to another. Getting a candidate to relocate to another country can be a huge challenge for global recruiters. The professionals at Recruiter Relocation can help provide a smooth transition. (DISCLOSURE: Recruiter Relocation is an NPA Endorsed Program).

If you’re a global recruiter, what’s your favorite time-saving tool? Share in the comments below!

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