Have You Earned Your Recruiter Certification Yet? Why Not?

by Dave Nerz

Let ‘s start one step back from recruiter certification. I view recruiter certification as the culmination of a commitment to your profession as a recruiter. So maybe we should start at the beginning.

Where does the commitment to the profession begin? To me, it is connecting with and getting connected to others that are working in the same profession as you, a recruiting industry trade association or group. To me, there are many professions that are legitimized by a governing body or an association that ensures professionalism and standards. I want my lawyer to pass the bar exam, I want my doctor to be a member of the appropriate medical association and I want my pilot to be a member of the trade association or governing body that pilots belong to. I expect professionals to be connected to other professionals so that I don’t get bad medical advice or a pilot who doesn’t understand the dangers of wind shear.

So for me…

  • STEP 1. Join a recruiting industry trade association or recruiter association like the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) in the US. There are other groups in Canada like ACCESS or in Australia like RCSA. As a point of reference only, our organization so believes in this that we have corporately joined NAPS and make NAPS membership available to our members for just $100 annually. We are committed and walking the talk.
  • STEP 2. Study the manuals necessary to become an expert on issues and legal requirements of performing to the highest and most ethical standards of your profession. Look for a certification class and take it. Finally once you are confident, take the recruiting association’s exam to become a certified recruiter.

If you expect to be treated like a professional and want your clients to view you as committed to the profession, do these two things. Join your industry’s trade association and get your professional certification. It doesn’t cost much or require much time, and it will set you apart from the crowd.

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