Options for International Payments

by Veronica Blatt

For recruiters who participate in splits with partners in other countries, figuring out international payments can be a hassle. For starters, what currency is being used? The currency for the partner with the job? The partner who supplied the candidate? The client, who is paying the fee? If you’re part of a formal split organization, there may be rules governing currency. For example, in NPAworldwide, members are required to pay their candidate-side partner in that partner’s local currency. The brokerage that is owed to NPAworldwide must be paid in US dollars. Read the rest of this entry »

The Case for Paying Vendors in Local Currency

by Veronica Blatt

Our guest blogger is Cheryl Girling, director of enterprise sales within Cambridge’s Global Enterprise Group. She started her career in foreign exchange to help clients protect their bottom line through currency risk management strategies and has since become a payment nerd too. Based in Montreal, Cheryl’s focus is helping clients and partners in North America scale their business for global expansion, streamline and automate their cross border payments process.

Over 14,000 global businesses trust Cambridge to power their cross-border payments, execute plans to manage their currency risk and ultimately help grow their businesses around the world. Cambridge aims to deliver unmatched service and expertise with respect to moving money globally. Utilizing a proprietary payment automation technology and currency risk mitigation solutions, Cambridge takes pride in connecting businesses large and small with the global financial markets and businesses all over the world.

Does your company often hire vendors that are based outside the US? While many of these vendors choose to issue invoices in US dollars (as currency denomination), paying them can be more complicated than one might think. Read the rest of this entry »

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