Recruiting Tools

by Dave Nerz

Following is a list of recruiting tools that can help you save time and/or money:

Calculate the salary you need for the cost of living in another city or country:


Other Salary / Cost of Living Information:

Company Research:

  • – For complete and actionable information. If you are looking for leads, researching companies or industries, or searching for a way to keep your CRM up-to-date, Hoover’s offers a range of options.
  • – Best companies, green companies, biggest companies by sector, most highly ranked by employees or employer, you name it.
  • – An inside look at jobs & companies, reviews are posted by current or former employees.

People and Data Search Tools:

  • – Finding people, places and businesses
  • – Finding people, places and businesses
  • – Finding people, places and businesses
  • – Simple people finder
  • – People search and public information search engine
  • – Making people search worthwhile
  • Connect – Gives you instant access to millions of professionals, leads and company lists
  • – Eliminating the need to visit multiple services, free members can manage communication across the most popular social networks and email accounts securely and conveniently on one simple dashboard.
  • Sales Navigator for Gmail – Everything about your contacts right inside your Gmail inbox

Other Cool Tools

Cost of Living Calculators

by The Imagination Factory

The following sites will help you assess the difference in cost of living between the city you live in today and the city you are considering moving to in the future.
Relocation Essentials

NPA recruiters will offer you the services of a company like Recruiter Relocation to help with the challenges that result from relocation. Visit their site at