Recruiting Tools

By Dave Nerz

Following is a list of recruiting tools that can help you save time and/or money:

Calculate the salary you need for the cost of living in another city or country:


Other Salary / Cost of Living Information:

Company Research:

  • – For complete and actionable information. If you are looking for leads, researching companies or industries, or searching for a way to keep your CRM up-to-date, Hoover’s offers a range of options.
  • – Best companies, green companies, biggest companies by sector, most highly ranked by employees or employer, you name it.
  • – An inside look at jobs & companies, reviews are posted by current or former employees.

People and Data Search Tools:

  • – Finding people, places and businesses
  • – Finding people, places and businesses
  • – Finding people, places and businesses
  • – Simple people finder
  • – People search and public information search engine
  • – Making people search worthwhile
  • – A business directory where you can find contact and company information
  • – Millions of company profiles from D&B in one place
  • – Eliminating the need to visit multiple services, free members can manage communication across the most popular social networks and email accounts securely and conveniently on one simple dashboard.
  • – Everything about your contacts right inside your Gmail inbox

Other Cool Tools

  • – Like it says… Tweet your jobs
  • – A password management tool
  • – Smart contacts management tool
  • – Over 200 pre-built Boolean search templates, 100+ research tools, and pre-recorded training videos and webinars


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