Recruiting Resources: Understanding the Millennial Generation

by Veronica Blatt

Young and old business peopleToday’s guest blogger is Rick Corey with OpticsProfessionals, LLC in Rochester, New York, USA. OpticsProfessionals specializes fields of optics, photonics and imaging technology. OpticsProfessionals, LLC assists employers in staffing key talent, while helping individuals with career transition and growth opportunities. Rick is the immediate past chair of the NPA Board of Directors.

Recruiters who have been in business for some time understand the differences in the expectations of “Baby Boomers” (born 1946-1964) and “Gen Xers” (born 1965-1979). A new challenge for recruiters is being able to understand the next generation… the Millennials (born 1980-2000). How we connect with them, what their needs and expectations are, and what type of corporate culture is the best fit are all recruiting resources that will help you work effectively with Millennial candidates.

The Millennial Generation is the most connected generation in history, with connections and networks globally through social media, young professional organizations, alumni networks, etc. Partially because of this, they are group/team oriented, and believe a team can accomplish more and better things. They are confident in their abilities, and are ready to take on the world. Millennials are multi-taskers on a scale never seen before. (I learned this when my daughter was in high school…doing homework, playing Xbox, and texting with friends all at the same time.) The first recruiting resource that will help you is to master social media to connect with Millennials.

When it comes to their work life, Millennials seek challenge and do not want to experience mundane assignments or boredom. They seek leadership, and even structure, from their older and managerial coworkers, and expect to have their ideas respected. If older senior management does not relate to them, or understand the way they use technology at work, they will look for new opportunities. Effective recruiting resources include ensuring that your client is equipped to welcome Millennials into the work environment.

Millennials prefer to communicate electronically at work as opposed to face-to-face or even over the telephone. They routinely make use of their own technology at work and most believe that access to technology makes them more effective at work. However, technology is often a catalyst for intergenerational conflict in the workplace and many feel held back by rigid or outdated working styles. From their employer they want to see where their career is going and to know exactly what they need to get there. At least 70% want assignments abroad to enhance their career. So, another recruiting resource is to help your client understand that “different” doesn’t always mean “bad.”

Millennials are used to balancing many activities such as teams, friends and philanthropic activities, and they expect flexibility in scheduling and a life away from work. If their needs are not met in their current work environment, they will network their way out of that workplace and into one that meets their needs. Recruiting resources will need to accommodate these increased demands for balance and flexibility if Millennials are part of your candidate pool.

Millennials are… Confident, Connected, and open to Change. What recruiting resources have you used to source top-notch Millennial candidates?

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