Marketing Activities for Recruiters

by Veronica Blatt

digital propertyMany recruiters are wondering what they can DO right now while placement activity is slow-to-nonexistent. You may be wondering whether it’s OK to make sales calls or ask your clients about their hiring plans. Some recruiters are working to offer outplacement assistance or resume coaching to candidates. I would like suggest there are valuable marketing activities that you can be doing, especially since some (most?) of these tend to get pushed to the bottom of your priority list in better times. Read the rest of this entry »

Developing a simple marketing plan

by Veronica Blatt

Mel-Kettle-PhotoMel Kettle is a communications and social media consultant, speaker, blogger, educator, coach, bookworm, obsessive foodie and eatie, and a budding photographer. She blogs on marketing and social media at Mel is passionate about working with organisations to show them how to communicate effectively so they can develop communities, share their stories and raise awareness. She particularly enjoys working with people who want to make a difference to other people’s lives. In her spare time Mel writes a food blog, The cook’s notebook.

Marketing can seem overwhelming to many business owners, but it’s actually not that hard.

Only undertaking marketing activities when business is slow catches out many small business owners. It is crucial that your marketing is regular and consistent through the good times and the bad – this way you won’t be caught out during slower times. Read the rest of this entry »

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