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March 15th, 2007 by The Imagination Factory

Happy New Year! The beginning of each new year is an excellent time to put your job search at the top of your New Year’s Resolution list! Make sure that you state the following: “My New Year’s Resolution is to be gainfully employed with a company that I have targeted.”

It is a fact that many people seek out new opportunities at this time of the year. This is true for a variety of reasons. Individuals that are not currently employed realize that decision makers are back from their holiday time off and ready to fill their open positions. Many individuals that are already employed but unhappy with their current position, often wait until January to start their job search. This is usually because they want to use any accrued vacation time and qualify for a possible year end bonus.

Therefore, your competition has increased a bit from the end of last year, when hiring slows down; however, there are many, many more opportunities available…NOW!

Regardless of the time of the year, the job seeker that is ACTIVE in his/her job search will be the candidate that secures the career they want!

There are many reasons why NOW is a good time to JOB SEARCH:

  1. Decision Makers are back from time off during the holidays.
  2. Corporations have a new budget, with hiring allowances.
  3. Often companies will make changes at the beginning of the year. This often creates movement within the organization and creates new positions.
  4. An overall positive attitude of hiring authorities. They are usually more motivated now, to fill their openings.
  5. There are many job seekers that took the time during the holidays to improve their cover letters, resumes, conducted research, etc. in order to better position themselves for NOW!
  6. Recruiters are excited to start a new year! They are salespeople and they want to start their year with top production. What that means to you is that Recruiters in all disciplines are motivated to successfully place as many candidates as they can, in their first quarter of the year,
  7. It is a busy time for all hiring authorities. There is always some turnover within corporations at the end of every year.

As job seekers, you need to take advantage of the reasons listed above!

Conducting a thorough job search takes true commitment to attain your GOAL! If you are not currently employed you should dedicate 40 hours to your search per week. Your full time job is to find a job! If you are already employed but want to make a job change, you need to devote a minimum of 15 hours a week to your search!

Happy New Year & We Wish You A Year Filled With Health, Happiness & Prosperity!

Nancy J. Phillips, CPC
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