Changes to the Employment Landscape Impacting Workers

May 17th, 2018 by The Imagination Factory

Today’s guest blogger is Laura Schmieder of Premier Placement Inc., specializing in manufacturing especially engineering, operations, supply chain, sales and marketing roles globally. She currently serves on the NPAworldwide board of directors.

Yesterday I read an article, well to be honest, I quickly scanned an article in my local newspaper that discussed how “young people” are stressed about long term care. THEN it was featured on one of my browser newsfeeds later in the day. The gist of the article was different from the title – SURPRISE! Basically it was not that they were afraid about what it would cost them, but what it means for them directly because at this time, right now, so many were responsible for someone who needed it. Some paid for it but more often, they were providing care to a family member or friend who was nearing the end of their life….and worried about who would be there when they were in their time of need.

It got me thinking…I’m in that sandwich generation. My parents are actually very independent, living at home but needing more attention and help to maintain their lives. Many of their peers have moved out of their homes into independent or assisted living or nursing homes requiring huge financial investment. Some have moved in with their kids (and grandkids). My children have entered that stage in life where they buy homes and start families. Along with college debts, they have mortgages and day care costs. Many in their generation are looking for their parents to watch their babies to save those costs.

What does this have to do with recruiting? Well, we have all heard and read about Millennials and how they are changing the employment landscape. In many ways it’s not just them, it’s the legacy of the Greatest Generation as they literally pass away, and the Baby Boomers who are retiring and changing the meaning of retirement. These two generations are passing the torch to Gen Y and Millennials. The whole meaning of work and life balance is evolving.

What’s my point? Recruiters AND employers are now dealing with not only a great shortage of candidates for our open searches. We also need to consider the issues that are facing those candidates. In an era where I keep hearing that direct or permanent hiring is a less prominent part of the employment landscape, that STAFFING is the “new way”… how hard that is for someone trying to build a life, needing a steady source of income, wanting an opportunity to learn and grow without the stress of constantly looking for new employment?

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