6 Quick Tips on Split Placement Network Success

By Liz Carey

Our network recently held a topical call where thriving NPAworldwide members shared 6 quick tips on making a split placement network work for you:

This is a communication business, if people don’t communicate, then you can’t do business with them. Very plain and simple.
A cross-industry exporter who has been in NPA for 10 months, said: “When you talk to your partners, detail is important. The job posting gives you a lot of the job description, requirements, education, etc. But when you talk on the phone, you get to know the partner and understand them. Communication is so important because you get that value added.
If you have a great candidate that you think would fit another recruiter’s job order, rather than sending an email with the candidate’s info saying ‘what do you think?’, get on the phone and call the recruiter and express your enthusiasm about the candidate and why you think they’re a fit.
Several recruiters chimed in and said it’s important for both trading partners to be on the same page, so it’s important to keep your partner in the loop the entire way.

Along with open and clear communication, recruiters agree that every good trading relationship includes giving timely feedback.
“Sometimes you don’t have anything to report, and that’s fine, but let your trading partner know,” he said. “Let them know where you are, that you’re working with the candidate, so they know their efforts aren’t wasted.”
A participant added in that she copies her trading partner on every single email interaction with the candidate so the exporter knows what’s happening with their candidate.

If you’re an exporter providing candidates, it’s important to be aware of the job orders out there. One recruiter and her team visit the network’s job board several times a day to see what’s out there and what other recruiters are looking for.
“The match part of it becomes faster and easier,” she said.
Looking at the available job orders will also help you identify what exactly people are looking for. You may think your candidates is spot on, but they might not be hot in this market. Markets and industries change and you have to stay nimble.
One recruiter sets up candidate alerts to become more and more aware of who works what in their space.
“We’ve had sitautions where, someone whose worked with us a lot and knows our clients, will email us with the client’s ideal candidate… even if we don’t have an open job order from them.” They will then email their client to see if they’re in the market.

“If I send a trading partner a candidate and don’t hear back from them after a couple days, I send a reminder along the lines of “Not sure if it landed in your spam folder, but I sent you a candidate… please let me know what your thoughts are.” If there’s still no response, I try again, saying “This candidate is in the market, it’s my responsibility to let them know if this job’s not going to work, so they can look elsewhere.” That usually applies the guilt and works.

Much like when you started recruiting, clients didn’t go running in the door at you. You have to build those relationships. Go to meetings, meet trading partners face-to-face and get to know them. Build relationships and if you do that, you’ll make placements.
Great trading relationships deliver a huge ROI – aside from placements, you will be able to share knowledge and insight about your market, technology and tools.

Many recruiters agree that they have no problem being 100% transparent and sharing all the details about their job orders, including their client’s information and hiring contact. When you build relationships and trust your trading partners, you don’t have to worry about anyone “stealing” job orders or clients.
“Other than begging people to work on my jobs, I try to treat my partners with total respect, like they’re working right here in the office with me. I tell them all they want to know about the companies and hiring authorities I’m working with – I give them as much information as possible. I honor them with immediate feedback and work with them in whatever style they like to work. My advice is to get to know that particular exporter and how he/she likes to work, and honor that along the process so they want to work with us again.”
“Sometimes in networks people feel like we’re competitors, that’s why they’re reluctant to share, but you have to get away from viewing them as competitors, and see them as partners. When you move into that mindset, things can happen quickly.”

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  1. Russell Bray, 28-July-2017:

    All points are excellent, timely and could easily lead to more placements!

  2. Laura Schmieder, 28-July-2017:

    Totally agree with all points….Treat your NPA partners as your Best Client…they may very well be with you longer!

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