Write a marketing plan for your job search

March 15th, 2007 by The Imagination Factory

A well thought out, concise Marketing Plan is an essential part of your successful job search! A solid, detailed Plan forces you to focus and direct your job search; ensures that you are covering all methods; keeps you aware of how much work you have to do, and evaluates the quality of your efforts.

Your Marketing Plan is a dynamic, action oriented plan that helps you set realistic and meaningful daily, weekly and monthly goals. This plan is critical to your career management program.

Follow these STEPS when you are writing your Marketing Plan:

  1. Define your target market by considering the following….
    1. Industry
    2. Corporations in the Industry
    3. Services / Products of the Corporations
    4. Number of Employees
    5. Geographic Locations
    6. Corporation’s Net Worth
  2. Describe the job function you want.
  3. Review classified ads for sample job descriptions.
  4. Compare your skills, experience, education and background to the sample job descriptions to see if your background supports the positions you are interested in.
  5. Map out your campaign strategy: RESEARCH
  6. Compile your networking list.
  7. Develop a list of recruiters/agencies that specialize in your area of expertise.
  8. Organize your direct mail plans.
  9. Tailor your resume and other marketing pieces.
  10. Get interviews
  11. Document the results
  12. Follow-up

You have to think of yourself almost like a product you are selling to a prospective buyer – the HIRING AUTHORITY. Job Searches are difficult because you have to “sell yourself.” If you are not in the Sales Profession, it can be extremely uncomfortable – but it is necessary! If you were selling a product, you would identify “who” would be most likely to purchase your product. You must do that same type of methodical planning when you write the marketing plan for your job search. Compiling this plan will drastically REDUCE the time it will take you to find your next wonderful career opportunity!

Nancy J. Phillips, CPC
Courtesy of: Good as Gold Training, Inc. (www.jobseekerinfo.com)

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