The Challenge: Location, Location, Location

February 15th, 2007 by The Imagination Factory

The Scenario:
Atlanta NPA member recruiting for New York position

An NPA member in Atlanta was asked by the northern New York subsidiary of its Atlanta-based client to fill a job opening for a pressure vessel engineer.

The Action:
Atlanta NPA member reaches across borders for help
The Atlanta NPA member contacted his usual NPA resources for assistance in sourcing a qualified candidate, but could not locate one either already in, or willing to relocate to, northern New York. Realizing the position would be near the Canadian border, the Atlanta NPA member thought to contact a Canadian NPA member hei?d met through years of attending NPA conferences. The two NPA members recruited similar candidates and shared common industries and clients, but had never worked together due to the geographic limitations of their normal search efforts.

The Results:
Canadian NPA member provides successful candidate

The Canadian NPA member located a Canadian citizen, working in California, who was a perfect fit for the job and eager to relocate nearer to Canada. The client hired the candidate, and subsequently shared another opening for an additional engineer who will be a direct report to the first candidate. The moral: NPA membership provides increased geographic reach, resulting in more effective client service.

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