Principles of an NPA Survivor

March 26th, 2007 by The Imagination Factory

James Brackin
Brackin & Sayers Associates
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Following are some thoughts from someone whose been voted off the island many times, but continues to bob to the surface:

CompaniesClients, etc.
The basic principles apply in good times and bad
a. Get closer to your client companies (those who’ve paid you a fee in the last 12-24 months)
b. Service the bejabbers out of them
c. Make a concerted effort to get to know them betteryour friends in hiring companies will see you through
d. Remain very selective in referring candidates
e. Focus on companies that tend not to be cyclical
f. Market outstanding candidates (no company has too many winners). In fact, in a down market many savvy companies seize the opportunity to upgrade their employee talent.

Your firm
a. Money can still be made if you scrutinize your overhead
b. Alter your recruiters’ compensation package (higher commissionslower fixed salaries/fixed costs) The good ones will survive.
c. Get out of the officego visit some clients (see c above)
d. Expand your practicemaximize NPA for additional jobs and marketable candidates.
e. Identify trading partners within your niche to better service your client base
f. Respond to NPA job orders.
g. Market outstanding candidates to your NPA trading partners who recruit in the candidates’ area of expertise
h. Remain upbeat and optimisticremember the economy is the product of an attitude.

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