Global Recruiters Share Largest Fee in NPA History

August 16th, 2013 by Veronica Blatt

Read this case study to see how two of NPA’s global recruiters made a split placement resulting in the largest shared fee in NPA history!

NPA, Making the Right Connections

The Challenge: From Russia with Love


The Scenario: Chinese corporate giant seeks CEO

A large Chinese company was looking for a CEO to implement an ambitious new project in Germany.


The Action: NPA partner in China lands assignment

The Chinese client contacted an NPA partner in Nanjing, who accepted the assignment. The NPA partner reached out to another NPA partner in Ekaterinburg, Russia for help locating qualified candidates.


The Results: NPA partner in Russia locates successful candidate, resulting in largest split fee in NPA history

The Russian partner began an exhaustive search for high-level German automotive candidates. After several months, four candidates were presented, and one was hired at a fee of more than US $230,000!

The process was long and difficult, but ultimately successful due to the teamwork and professionalism of the NPA global recruiters.

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