Five best questions to ask during a job interview

March 15th, 2007 by The Imagination Factory

When you are being interviewed, you are NOT in control of the situation. The only time you gain control is when you ask questions.

* Important information about your credentials that did not come up in the interview
* The priorities of the person interviewing you
* More detail about the opportunity
* Where they are in the hiring process
* If you will be considered for this opportunity
If the interviewer does not ask you if you have any questions, you need to ask them if you could ask a few questions! When you ask well thought out questions, it impresses the interviewer and helps you ace out your competition for the job.

1. Don’t ask questions that could be answered by reviewing their
2. Avoid self serving questions about hours, benefits, time off etc.
3. Use your questions to learn more about the priorities of this hiring
authority and to show them how you HAVE what they NEED!

1. Would you tell me the most important traits you are looking for in
the person you hire for this position?
2. What do you see as the greatest challenge the person will face who you hire for this position?
3. What has been missing from the individuals you’ve interviewed for
this position?
4. Can you inform me where you are in the hiring process?
5. I want you to know I’m extremely interested in your position and
feel confident I could do the job. What is more important however,
is what you think. Do you feel I have the experience and skills
you’re looking for in the person you hire for this position?

You then don’t say ONE WORD. Listen very carefully to their answer.
If they use the word “BUT,” whatever follows that word are the reasons they might screen you out for this position. If you are interested in this job, you must now overcome these objections!

You could say, “I totally understand why you are concerned, but let me explain why that would not be a problem.”

It is often the person who asks the best questions who GETS HIRED!

Good luck in your job search!

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