3 Key Questions to Ask A Recruitment Firm

July 27th, 2018 by The Imagination Factory

There is no question that currently the hiring needs of employers require more time and diligence than ever with much of the power in candidate’s hands. When you are considering signing on a new recruitment agency, consider asking these questions to ensure you are contracting with an elite agency.

  1. What are the top reasons a company would use your services to recruit?

In the history of knowing independent recruitment firms, our network believes the answer to this should come from longevity and results. A firm should be able to show stability in business and understand how to effectively build your talent in a sustainable manner for the growth of your company. Regardless of your expansion efforts, a strong firm will have a specialized and locally based recruiter able to provide you the top candidate in the market.

  1. Are you able to take on international searches?

While many independent agencies attempt to say yes to multinational and international clients, unless there is a localized approach, the search can result in less than satisfactory results for the client. With a true global firm, the recruiter speaks the language of the search. They understand the culture, common terms, idiosyncrasies, and the demands each part of the world brings to executive level placement. The result is the top candidates presented at every search they recruit on.

  1. Why should I use an agency instead of internal resources?

Many employers may shy away from hiring an external agency suspecting they will save money by first utilizing internal resources. However, in many companies, this cost savings will be severely miscalculated and further result in wasted time and money. When a company hires an external agency, most times they have already spent nearly 6 months trying to fill the role internally. Those 6 months are hard to calculate from a monetary perspective, however during that time your employees and organization are undoubtedly under an extreme amount of stress and pressure.

While these questions are not all inclusive of what you should be considering when hiring an external agency, they should get the conversation flowing to determine if it is the right fit for your business. Please visit npaworldwideworks to learn more on choosing a recruitment firm for your needs.