Split Placements Are on the Rise!

July 19th, 2018 by The Imagination Factory

As we are officially in the second half of the year, I thought it would be interesting to review our split placements data for the first six months of the year. Global split activity is up a solid 22% over the same time frame last year. Members in the northeastern US have seen placements increase by 34% so far this year. Elsewhere, split placements have more than doubled in Australia/New Zealand as well as in Asia compared to last year. Perhaps not coincidentally, employment in Australia more than tripled the estimated June numbers, and our membership in the region has also increased by 22% compared to last year.

Looking at some of the other split placements data that is available, here are some notable changes in reported salaries:

  • Salaries of US $60K – $70K are up 30% compared to last year
  • Salaries above US $100K have increased by 17% on a year-over-year basis
  • Contract placements have increased by nearly 50% this year – much of this activity in Australia/New Zealand

Notable industry segments include:

  • Chemical process continues to be soft as oil prices remain volatile. Split placements have declined by 40% since last year.
  • Healthcare placements are up a whopping 240% in our network. We have been focusing diligently on membership growth in this robust sector for quite some time and are excited to see these results! Some of the roles being filled include:
    • Staff Nurses
    • Director of Nursing
    • Home Health Case Manager
    • Medical Director, Behavioral Health

Placement activity in the Engineering / Operations / Manufacturing sector has increased by more than a third on a year-over-year basis. A sampling of the job titles includes:

  • Director of Quality Engineering
  • Product Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Controls Engineers
  • Distribution Manager

How do these statistics compare to your business? What are the hot geographies and industry sectors? Are you seeing an overall uptick in salaries? Please comment below!