H-1B Visa Alternatives

By Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is Eric Snethkamp, global channels & strategic alliances manager for SafeGuard World International. For nearly a decade, organizations around the world have relied on SafeGuard World for their global HR needs, specifically around payroll and employee compliance. SafeGuard World is an Alliance Partner of NPAworldwide.

Last year, 199,000 H-1B Visa applications were submitted by US businesses seeking to bring international talent to the US. Only 85,000 visas available, and 20,000 Visas are reserved for those with Master’s Degrees.

So, what are you to do as an employer if the talent you need falls into the category of the 100,000+ unsuccessful H-1B Visa applicants?

Hire them anyway!

I know what you’re thinking, has Eric lost his mind? Well maybe, but that’s a separate conversation.

Something I tell all of my international recruiting Strategic Partners to pass on to their clients is this:

“Hire for talent, not location. We can solve the location problem.”

What I’m referring to is Global Employment Outsourcing – GEO. A GEO solutions provider can compliantly employ and pay a worker in any one of hundreds of countries around the globe for you. Allowing you to engage workers in their home location just as if you had an overseas office complete with an operational HR department. Now obviously this isn’t a perfect fit if you must have that person physically here in the US however, if this incredibly talented person(s) can work remotely your problems may be solved. And, you effectively have an international presence. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of compliantly engaging that person as an independent contractor.

The same GEO solution can be used for employees who HAVE won the H-1B Visa Lottery, yet can’t enter the country until the following year. Get them started now, no need to wait.

And while you’re at it, why not continue your international expansion efforts? “Global” has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Ready to engage that exceptional talent who lost the H-1B Visa Lottery? Ready to be a GLOBAL organization? Ready to kick-start your international expansion? Call me, email me, or send a carrier pigeon to our global headquarters in beautiful Austin, TX. Whatever works.

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