Q3 Global Hiring to Remain Similar to Q2

By Veronica Blatt

global placement activityManpower has released the results of its third-quarter Employment Outlook Survey, which looks at global hiring plans across multiple sectors. Most payrolls are expected to remain flat or expand slightly compared to the previous quarter. The year-over-year comparison indicates a slightly stronger outlook. The complete results, including more than 40 countries, can be downloaded here. A regional summary of some noteworthy statistics can be found below:

The Americas – includes more than 23,000 employers in 10 countries located in North, Central and South America

  • Employers in Brazil have reported an improved hiring outlook for four consecutive quarters, with a positive outlook for the first time in more than two years.
  • The mining & extraction sector is noticeably strong in Mexico on both a quarter-over-quarter and year-over year basis
  • U.S. employers report the strongest outlook in the region with nearly one-quarter of employers planning to expand payrolls in the coming quarter. Much of that growth is expected in the leisure & hospitality sector.
  • Public administration is expected to be the strongest sector in Canada.

Asia Pacific – includes roughly 15,000 employers in 8 countries

  • Japan and Taiwan are leading the region with growth plans for Q3. The hiring outlook in Japan is now at its highest level of confidence since 2007, with the most robust plans in the mining & construction and transportation & utilities sectors. The results in Taiwan are unchanged from the second quarter, but are moderately improved from a year ago.
  • India remains an interesting market. While employer confidence remains optimistic when compared to other countries in the survey, the outlook is now the weakest reported since India began participating in the survey in 2005. The hiring outlook has now decreased for six consecutive quarters, possibly impacted by consolidation across the IT and telecom sectors.
  • New Zealand continues to benefit from a boom in housing and infrastructure, but the talent shortage is severe. Look for employers to begin developing apprenticeship programs or overseas recruitment programs to combat this issue.
  • Once again, China’s transition to a service-oriented economy is keeping the overall hiring outlook restrained.

EMEA – includes nearly 21,000 employers in 25 countries

  • All of the countries participating the Manpower global hiring survey are expecting to add to their payrolls except Italy and the Czech Republic.
  • The manufacturing sector is particularly strong across Hungary, Turkey, and Romania. Hungary has reported the strongest hiring outlook in the region.
  • Hiring plans in the UK are on par both with the previous quarter and year-over-year despite the uncertainties of Brexit and the recent election results.

What global hiring changes are you seeing? Strong or weak sectors? Regional changes? Please comment below!

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