Simple search techniques to uncover more top talent

By Veronica Blatt

sourcebreaker-logoToday’s guest blogger is Steve Beckitt from Sourcebreaker. SourceBreaker’s award-winning, intelligent search & matching platform delivers measurable results and provide genuine USPs to help you win and place more business.

Figuring out the best method to search for candidates with a specific job title can be challenging due to the hundreds of available variations for describing the exact same role.

We’ve analysed thousands of searches over the past year and in each case, recruiters are generally unaware of a straightforward technique to uncover more candidates.

“PHP Developer” is a great example. Whenever we see this search, or any other kind of developer, it will include “PHP Developer,” then maybe a couple of other variations.


What’s never searched for is “Developer PHP.” By slightly tweaking our LinkedIn search, we were able to substantially increase our candidate pool by 11%.


On top of that, because the vast majority of recruiters are missing out on this search method, the extra 11% are less likely to have been contacted than “PHP Developer” candidates – so more chance of engagement and getting them placed.

The reason this technique provides better results is because it takes into account the significant number of candidates that present their job title and follow it with their key skill/area of expertise.

All of the below candidates were uncovered by simply typing “Developer PHP,” as LinkedIn will automatically exclude special characters and commonly appearing words such as ‘with.’


This technique isn’t exclusively for the tech world, it’ll work across most industries – here’s a few examples:


So a really straightforward technique to help you start searching more efficiently, with a minimum of extra effort or training required

What’s your favorite tip for improving your search techniques? Do have a tool or source that you love? Please share it by adding a comment in the box below.


  1. Joan, 12-May-2017:

    Please note that linkedin no longer looks like your sample.

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