All-Inclusive Customer Service

By Veronica Blatt

stockvault-office-phone96984-300Today’s guest blogger is Patti Steen with The Pelsten Group located in Seattle, WA. The Pelsten Group is a recruitment firm that focuses on all levels of positions within IT. The majority of their clients are in the Seattle area but they actively support NPAworldwide across the US. Patti is currently serving on the NPAworldwide Board of Directors.

Recently, I was at a resort and everyone I came in contact with lived, breathed and delivered exceptional customer service. I got to thinking about the fact that they are not only “all inclusive” with their activities, food, etc. but they are “all inclusive” with their customer service. Providing a memorable moment for owners, guests, vendors and each other. That made me think about how I deliver service…am I providing a memorable moment?

Customers are not only those who pay your invoice, they are your trading partners that are trying to help you find the ideal candidate for an open position, the employees you pay, vendors, family, friends and the list goes on and on. Are you selective with what level of service you provide depending on who you are talking to? I am guessing we always keep our traditional customers up to date on everything we are doing on their behalf, but are we as diligent providing the same level of customer service to all our other customers…trading partners, employee, etc.? Doesn’t everyone deserve the same level of exceptional service regardless what their role is in your day-to-day world?

Think about the 3-5 customer service situations that make you upset…slow service, little to no follow-up, no solution provided, not being heard, etc. If these things bother you, I am guessing they also bother the people you interact with. Are there times you do not respond to an email or voice mail…or maybe even the second or third email or voice mail from the same person? We are all busy…but is that the impression we want to make?

When you think about the people you interact with in business, they are already a customer, will be a customer or could be a customer in the future. With that in mind what kind of experience do you want them to have with you and your company…an “all-inclusive” customer service moment?

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  1. Mark Glickman, 9-March-2017:

    Nice blog, Patti. I agree with you 100%. I don’t always live up to the customer service level, to which we should all aspire. Your message is a great reminder of its importance.

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