Global Recruitment Agencies Report on Business Conditions

By Dave Nerz

image of pie chart to show survey results for global recruitment agenciesAt NPAworldwide we do a twice-annual survey of business conditions for global recruitment agencies. This survey was distributed to the active members of our network, representing more than 400 independent recruiting firms in more than 30 countries. Our member recruiters experienced an improvement in business conditions for their businesses in the last 6 months and are optimistic about the growth potential for the employment markets in the next 6 months. NPAworldwide’s global recruitment firm survey showed that 97% of those surveyed see conditions improving or remaining the same for their businesses over the next 180 days.  That is good news!

Some other results of this survey showed are:

  • 53% of these independent recruiting firms reported improved conditions in the last 180 days, 23% indicated no change, and 23% reported worse conditions.
  • 72% of our global recruitment agencies reported employment markets performing at or above expectations in the last 90 days.
  • 37% of NPAworldwide’s respondents see their market getting more competitive.
  • Only three percent of the respondents have a negative outlook for the next 6 months.
  • 15% project fees to be below the levels realized in the prior 6 months.

This is good news for NPA members and perhaps the contingent recruiting industry in general. On a worldwide basis, it seems that conditions are improving and growing stronger.

The survey also identified “strong” and “weak” industries/segments of the employment markets. The most active markets identified by the survey of our global recruitment agencies were manufacturing/construction/mining and chemical process jobs. Weaker-performing segments were identified related to positions in the areas of accounting/financial services.

What is your outlook for the next 180 days?


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