Different From A Recruitment Association

Many people, including our members, think of NPAworldwide as a global recruitment association. NPAworldwide is actually, by legal definition, a not-for-profit cooperative, but we are NOT non-taxable. As a cooperative, NPAworldwide is owned by its members. Member-ownership is one hallmark that makes us different from other recruiting networks and recruiting organizations. We are not a recruitment association; we do not offer credentialing, professional standards, or legislative services.

Unlike a recruitment association, the network exists to help independent recruiting firms make more money through split placements. The recruitment network was founded in 1956 as a way for independent recruiting firms to work together to compete against larger, franchised employment agencies. These forward-thinking independent recruitment agencies knew they could make more placements (and more money) by working together, but did not want to give up the autonomy of running their own businesses.

The cooperative structure means that all of our global recruiters contribute financially for products and services that create additional split placement opportunities. By pooling their resources, independent recruiters receive more products and services, more cost-effectively, than they would be able to purchase on their own.

Finally, member-ownership means that any profits are reinvested into the international recruitment network for the development of additional recruiting resources. NPAworldwide exists solely to serve its members; it is not owned by a private individual who receives all the financial benefits.

These are the prime traits that distinguish our split placement network from a recruitment association.