Why a Recruiter Network Is More Important Now Than Ever

by The Imagination Factory

by Jason Elias

It is a truism that relationships are the key to success in economic downturns. Naturally your relationship with your NPA partners will be more important than ever; just ask Jim Sullivan who survived the 9/11 aftermath by working closely with NPA partners. Here are a few reasons why a strong recruiter network likeNPA is more important now than ever:

  • Getting jobs on is getting tighter; your NPA partners are an instant source of active qualified openings.
  • Developing new business is harder; your NPA partners can offer warm leads into existing clients to provide recruitment in your industry or geography.
  • Pitching for business is trickier; NPA provides you with a comparative advantage over your competitors. Tell your clients you are willing to give away half your fee to help them find the right candidate.
  • Business issues get complex; why not brainstorm with other owners or consultants whose experience and fresh perspective can solve your problem.
  • Great candidates are coming out of the woodwork, but you may not have a role for them now. Share with your partners and convert opportunities into placementshappy candidates and clients lead to repeat business.
  • You are never too old to learn; keep up your skills and brush up on the all too easily forgotten basics, with NPA’s training and webinars.
  • Maintain the relationships in your recruiter network in a great collegiate atmosphere at meetings and conferences.

Employing Contrary Logic to get “Mr. / Mrs. Right”

by The Imagination Factory

Gary Eastwood, Beck/Eastwood Recruitment Solutions, NPA 6770

One technique Beck/Eastwood has frequently employed as a best practice over the past 10 years has been to utilize contrary logic in order to pinpoint what exactly a client is looking to employ as a skill set for high level positions.

Huh? I know, it sounds bewildering. For us, it works like this:

When we take on a new assignment (we often work across the board in every discipline for our best clients) we ask for and receive the company published job description. This is one of the least helpful documents in talent acquisition in my humble opinion. Read the rest of this entry »