15 Member Locations Added to Global Recruitment Network

December 12th, 2017 by Veronica Blatt

Contact: Veronica Blatt
Director of Corporate Communications
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, USA – December 12, 2017 – Eleven independent recruitment firms, with a total of 15 locations, have joined NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network:

  • JTR Recruiting, (www.techconnect.co) Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
    • Specialty is primarily within IT/networking/systems engineering & architecture, cybersecurity, software development engineers/programmers, ERP/SAP/Oracle, big data, cloud technologies, analytics, and sales/BD professionals.
  • CareerMonks, (www.careermonks.com) Austin, Texas, USA
    • Specialize in IT and technology consulting
  • Halcyon Finance & Accounting Recruitment (www.halcyonfinance.ca), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Exclusive focus in finance and accounting
  • Resilience HQ, (www.resiliencehq.com) Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
    • Specialist global provider of risk, bsiness resilience and business disruption management professionals and experts
  • Recruit Place & Train Pte Ltd, Singapore, Johor, Malaysia and Peoria, Illinois, USA
    • Providing recruitment services in the hospitality and service, accounting and finance, casino gaming and management, marine oil and gas, healthcare, business systems and solutions, and sports management, sponsorship and coaching sectors
  • DSI (www.dsiconsultancy.com), Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, China
    • Specialists in information and communications technology
  • Jaspa King Recruitment (jkrecruit.com.au), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    • Focus is on supply chain, finance, sales and marketing across APAC
  • Propel Recruitment, San Francisco, California, USA
    • Specializing in finance, accounting, and administrative roles in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • QFS Inc (www.bernikow.com), New York, New York, USA
    • Focus is sales, support, and management in the financial information marketplace
  • On-Demand Talent Management (www.ondemandtm.com), Boulder, Colorado, USA
    • Specialty is information technology
  • CTH Corp. (www.linkedin.com/in/employmentvisions), Sarasota, Florida, USA
    • Primary focus on is on product management, marketing, and business development professionals in Silicon Valley

“Congratulations to each of our new members,” said Dave Nerz, president of NPAworldwide. “By joining the network, these recruitment firms are invested as owners. Membership in NPAworldwide allows independent recruitment firms to more effectively serve their clients and candidates by adding or increasing split placements.

NPAworldwide membership is offered on a selective basis to independently-owned recruitment firms who meet the network’s enrollment criteria and have a strategic interest in making split placements.

About NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a global recruitment network facilitating placements between its members. The network has more than 500 member offices across 6 continents. For more information, please visit www.npaworldwide.com or www.npaworldwideworks.com.


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