Recruiting Resources: Outplacement

NPAworldwide recruiters can provide outplacement in addition to traditional recruiting resources.

NPAworldwide recruiters can provide outplacement in addition to traditional recruiting resources. Outplacement services, once only offered by large organizations, are now more common in organizations of all sizes and for employees at all levels. The reasons for offering outplacement services vary widely but include the following:

  • Improve internal and external image of the employer
  • Reduce litigation
  • Reduce stress for managers implementing change
  • Improve morale of the remaining employees
  • Speed the process of completing critical employee changes

A large international career consulting firm reports that human resource executives give high marks to programs that help employees who are losing their jobs in a downsizing situation. Regardless of the reason for outplacement services, your NPAworldwide recruiter is able to facilitate the implementation of a program that is right for your organization.

If you have additional questions, contact your NPAworldwide member of choice for more details. Use the Find a Recruiter link to locate an NPAworldwide recruiter.

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