Make a Recruitment Network Part of Your Day

by Liz Carey

The most successful recruiters in our network are the ones who use all of NPAworldwide’s tools, and use them consistently. Every now and then, we have recruiters who reach out to trading partners or join practice group conference calls only when they need something – help filling a job req, help placing a candidate they can’t find a suitable role for, etc. And yes, this works too. But the most successful recruiters make it part of their day, every day. This is what helps keep you visible and helps develop great relationships with your trading partners.

We know recruiters don’t have a lot of extra time in their day, but here are some tips on how to effectively work a split placement network: Read the rest of this entry »

Recruiter Resolutions That can Work

by Dave Nerz

It is that time of year when everyone is starting their new recruitment plans or setting recruitment goals. It is also when, as individuals, we make recruiter resolutions. Here are some things to consider to make your time invested worthwhile. If you are going to do this, make sure it can work. Read the rest of this entry »

Global Payroll Gains Expected in Q1

by Veronica Blatt

global payroll outlookManpowerGroup has released the results of its first quarter Global Employment Outlook. For the first quarter, global payroll is expected to expand in 43 of 44 countries participating in the most recent survey. Hiring plans are stronger on a quarter-over-quarter basis in 16 of the 44 surveyed countries and weaker in 23 of the countries. Five are unchanged. Other highlights include the following: Read the rest of this entry »

Short and Long-Term Cost Savers in Hiring a Recruitment Agency

by Sarah Freiburger

For both small and large organizations alike, satisfied clients can agree that their external recruitment agency has been at times the most time and cost-effective way to access pools of highly skilled workers, especially those who are not actively seeking new employment.

How Recruitment Agencies Save You Time:

Only 10% of the market, if that, is actively applying for jobs. Most of these qualified individuals choose to only work discreetly with a recruitment agency when they are looking for a new challenge and opportunity. A well connected recruitment firm has thousands of candidates within their network, both actively and passively looking new roles. These recruiters are quality specialists within their sectors that have the knowledge to find the perfect fit for any hiring need. These firms pride themselves on presenting the top candidates in each market so a client only needs to make time to view candidates that will be worth considering. An independent firm also addresses all administrative issues such as all communications with the pool of applicants, verifying candidate qualifications and references as well as following up with those candidates not selected. Compared to in-house staff who may require training on best practice procedures, these highly experienced recruiters and agencies handle the process smoothly.

How Recruitment Agencies Save You Money:

Using recruitment agency removes any increased spend on multiple job adverts being posted. For instance, the NPAworldwide network gives recruitment firms allocations on top job boards, so clients can ensure that your job is advertised in all the correct places without managing the spend. Future hiring costs are significantly reduced as the agency will have knowledge of client company growth and culture so the process will be quicker which will result in even faster fills. An international firm part of a global network of recruitment firms locally based on all six continents, can especially reduce the need for in-house resources or putting in place a unique HR team if your organization expands.

Recruiters, Get Ready for 2019!

by Dave Nerz

best practices for recruitersSo this is often the time of year clients take a break from recruiting as do some candidates. If you are finding the ability to connect difficult, have you considered using your time to get ready for 2019? Use your time to research the top tools for recruiters or best for small business.

Consider these 5 things that might help you implement some best practices for recruiters and get you in the best position possible to make money in the year ahead. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Create Your Personal Brand in 2019

by Veronica Blatt

Today’s guest blogger is StemX CEO Dominic Chapman. StemX is a video interviewing platform to make recruiting more efficient, user-friendly and far more convenient, allowing employers to be able to choose from a larger pool of candidates in much less time.

I’ve recently been doing a lot of research on marketing and how recruiters can turn themselves into a personal brand to enable them to be seen by more people, improve trust and ultimately grow their business. I am still finding that a lot of recruiters still take the old school approach to recruitment by picking up the phone and utilising their network. This still works great, but these things aren’t going to disappear. Read the rest of this entry »

Who Says the Holidays are a Quiet Time for Recruitment?

by Liz Carey

Recruiters are all-too familiar with the seasonal wind-down that happens around this time of year. Typically, there’s not much hiring going on around the holidays and it usually ramps back up after the new year. But instead of hitting up an ugly Christmas sweater party, the holiday season is actually a great opportunity for recruitment. Many people take time off, so the quiet stretch of December makes for a good time to focus in on your recruitment process. Read the rest of this entry »

Impact of Midterm Elections on the Workplace

by Dave Nerz

With the US midterm elections behind us, it is time for employers, recruiters, candidates and hiring managers to get back to filling important job openings. But what impact will the results of the elections have on the workplace? Here are some things to consider: Read the rest of this entry »

2 Critical Tips for Successful Split Placement Recruitment

by Veronica Blatt

I see countless posts from recruiters who are curious about split placement recruitment, but aren’t sure how to get started. They’re often asking for advice about how to be successful with splits. I would like to offer two critical tips to improve your odds of success. Read the rest of this entry »

Considering NPAworldwide or Bounty Jobs for Split Placements?

by Sarah Freiburger

image of magnifying glassOn a search for split placement opportunities, many recruiters seem to question what is the difference between some of the online platforms that they have seen or are currently researching. Here at NPAworldwide,  I occasionally am asked by independent recruiters how our network is different and better than BountyJobs. In my opinion, neither one is necessarily better than the other as they are so very different. As an independent recruiter, deciding which to join will depend on how you like to work.

The following is a brief summary of the key differences between NPAworldwide and BountyJobs:

1.    Organization Structure
NPAworldwide is a member-owned and -run network of independently-owned recruiting firms that work together to make split placements. The network began in 1956 and has grown into a network of more than 500 firms located throughout the world.

Owners of NPAworldwide firms set the strategic direction of the network. The network is led by a Board of Directors of owners of member firms and has a selective membership process. At the end of the year, profits are re-invested in the network to continue and improve services to our members.

Membership gives independent recruiters and small firms a way to compete in a global marketplace without sacrificing the unique qualities that distinguish them from larger competitors. Members rely on our split placement network to build relationships that result in more effective and efficient service to clients and candidates in their own market. Those relationships translate into enhanced revenue-generating opportunities and increased financial stability. In the process, members also add value to their businesses through improved speed, reach, and capacity.

BountyJobs is a privately-owned company so I do not know how profits are spent or distributed. The organization appears to be a good solution for large employers managing a high volume of open positions resulting in the need for them to manage relationships with many recruiters.

2.    Work Style
Success in NPAworldwide is a result of the relationships built between recruiters. The quickest way to build trust with potential trading partners is to meet face-to-face at one of our conferences. Of course, if that is not possible, recruiters develop relationships through telephone, Skype, and/or email conversations.

In BountyJobs, independent recruiters only work with employers and have limited opportunities to build a relationship with an employer until much later in the hiring process.

3.    Control
In NPAworldwide, recruiters post jobs and candidates in our private, web-based sharing tool called Matchmaker.  Recruiters may work on any job, anywhere in the world. We also have a private Job Board where only NPAworldwide recruiters can post their jobs. Members can post their jobs for free on our Job Board and only pay if they place a Job Board candidate in a job. With NPAworldwide, an individual recruiter is in control of how they work with their trading partners as long as they abide by the Bylaws and operating procedures.

BountyJobs is a one-way street. Employers post jobs through BountyJobs. Then after viewing posted jobs, recruiters may contact employers and request that they be given permission to send candidates to the employers. A recruiter cannot speak with an employer unless the employer authorizes the recruiter to send candidates. After the permission is granted, the recruiter is able to view the full contact information of the employer. Wiith BountyJobs, the employer is definitely in control.

Additionally, NPAworldwide recruiters control the type of guarantee they offer employers. With BountyJobs, recruiters have no control. All recruiters are required to provide a 60-day money back guarantee; no exceptions.

In conclusion, which option is better for independent recruiters to join – NPAworldwide or BountyJobs?  It  depends! NPAworldwide is a relationship-based network facilitating split placements among its members. If you prefer to not build relationships with your trading partners, then you should consider BountyJobs.  Or, if you are undecided, you may want to consider joining both and experiencing them each firsthand.

If you do consider joining BountyJobs as an independent recruiter, I suggest you take some time to understand how candidate ownership is addressed. Specifically, who owns the candidate six months after a recruiter submits the candidate to an employer.

As an independent recruiter, which option do you prefer?